Saturday, February 23, 2008

Food and Wine Show

Yes, today I will be indulging! It's the Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience ie a day to indulge in lots and lots of wine! I'll be going with a couple of friends and we all have tickets to the reserve area as well (meaning more upscale wines $20+ I noticed some bottles for $150 under the tasting notes). It's a great chance to be able to taste lots of different wines though. Discover new favorites, as well as the food samples etc. It will be a good day to say the least. The show is from 10-6 and then after one of the friends has a room nearby where we will catch a nap and then probably some dinner before hitting the bars of Uptown or Downtown...we'll see what happens. All I know is that it is a good day to drink!! Bring on the wine!

This will be my third time going. First time I was a puddle after, second time was not too bad, today, only time will tell, but I've added another 90 wines to the 300-400 I can sample (not to mention the beer, meads and other items that sometimes are there as well).

Appliances came at perfect timing yesterday, a little unexpected problem with the fit of the fridge, but it's OK for now and eventually will be better as dad will make the cabinet above that is the problem a little smaller when spring comes. My dishwasher will be installed before I head to the wine show today (coming between 7 and 9 which normally would suck cause it's so early but I'm fine with it for timing for today).
I'm sure updates will abound tomorrow as soon as I've recovered as I now am the proud owner of a pretty laptop too...


Firefly's Running said...

I am SO jealous! Have fun at the wine show.

It's cool that you finally got a laptop. Welcome to wonderful world of WiFi! :D

Jean said...

Enjoy the wine show! Please do report back if you taste anything really good!

Kurt said...

I am a wine snob. Let me know what you find that is good.

Congrats on the toys and new puter. Now you can text, email and post 24/7! Wait that is what my stupid blackberry does now LOL

I hope it warms up soon. I am hating winter right now.

Andy said...

Nice laptop! They are so handy to have. Our iBook recently died and I ended up getting an old Dell laptop on Ebay that works great. Hugh didn't want one of the new MacBooks since the software he uses for music arranging wouldn't work so I got him a used Titanium G4. Now, we can both browse on the couch.