Friday, April 28, 2006


First I want to thank the people who have commented on my Highs and Lows post...It made me feel up again knowing that there are those who are happy for the way I've been progressing...and watching each of you on your journeys has been great too, just wanted you to know in case I don't find time to comment on all posts!!

OK, so once again yesterday was bad on the snacks…I had a cookie that the finance team had been giving for something, well half the cookie, I had eaten the other half on Wednesday when I got it (they were huge), then I discovered there was cake over in the finance department (which they had also had on Tuesday which I had eaten)…so already having the cookie, I should not have had it, but it was Byerly’s and looked so yummy I couldn’t resist…that was about 2 pm…I went home for my easy 6 mile run, remember, this week is cut back week and I need to take things slow and relaxed, no pushing the pace, shooting for an effort of about 5 or 6 (on a scale of 1-10 since I don’t use a HR monitor), easy conversational pace etc…Did I mention that MN spring is truly here?? It was GORGEOUS once again. I got home and was ready to run by about 4:45…shorts and singlet, hat and sunglasses and I was out. Upper 60s, low 70s, sun, no wind…a PERFECT day.

I head out on my usual paths, I like running in my neighborhood areas, I try new routes up different streets as they are all twisty and I never know where I’ll end up, but it’s a fun area and I can get good runs, not to mention it’s not flat so a good workout (which I hadn’t even noticed till I ran it with a friend recently who is running more flats)…Anyway, shooting for what I figure is a 9:30 or so pace for an easy pace…not even close. I had 6 miles in at an 8:45 pace…geez…come on, what is the deal?? Not complaining mind you, it’s fantastic that I can hit these paces over these distances at little effort, I have some massive PRs I’m going to get once I ever jump into a race…But what is the deal? Is it the weather (perfect temps = perfect runs, and I LOVE spring, so thankful that I don’t have spring allergies because I love being outside and how it smells this time of year, new flowers scenting the air on every block, although right now our 12th floor smells that way as there was a massive project completed yesterday and everyone got flowers for it…I want to sit up there for today!!), the cake, just the fact that my “true runner” is finally come through…I’m finding my true self?? I don’t know, and I’m not really questioning it, but just hoping against hope it doesn’t leave me any time soon!!

Now my dilemma though is that I’ve had 3 runs where I’ve had cake in the afternoon, usually around 2 and ended up having such a great pace, either running faster for a hard run or running faster for even an easy run…3 for 3…is cake the wonder food?? Should I be eating cake 2 ½ hours before every run?? :) OK, not the answer, but man, it seems good to me!! Oh, have I mentioned my weakness for cake??? I LOVE's why it was chosen to be sacrificed for Lent...Oh, and the nickname for the city I live in, Cakeeaters (cause it's a wealthier suburb, but believe me, I'm not one of the wealthy, they call them that cause they have their cake and eat it too, but I'm not FROM there, I just live there now)

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Andy said...

The day before my first marathon, I ate 2 - 3 pieces of birthday cake. I wondered if I would regret it but I had a great race. I'm sure it isn't the perfect prerun and race food. You will likely burn most of it off if you are running lots of miles.