Thursday, April 13, 2006

Blood Donation and Soul Asylum

Well, a couple of minutes to kill so I’m going to do a quick update before a couple of meetings that will finish off my day. Why meetings at the end of the day???

Last night I made an executive decision that even though Wednesday is normally just a single workout day, I would workout twice. I did my morning 4 mile run and strength training, both felt really good, then I gave blood…Now I knew it was risky to give blood, I didn’t give all last year because of training and not wanting to interfere with that, but I chanced it. So after work and trip to the dentist (thank God, no cavities!!) I went for a 5 mile run outside cause it was nice. Unfortunately the run felt hard. I managed just under a 9 minute pace (it was meant to be slow), but it felt very difficult. Now the reason for moving this run to last night was because I was going to see Soul Asylum and knew it would be a late night and I didn’t want to go to bed at 1 and crawl out of it at 6 to run…so I slept instead till just past 6:30…not a lot different but it helped. So now tonight I have a 10 mile tempo run, I want to hit 8:20-8:30 pace, we’ll see how difficult this is. This was a bad week to choose to give blood, but they were here, it was convenient…and I have 2 months till the marathon. I guess I can semi blame lack of sleep too if the run isn’t as good as I’d like it to be.

As a side not, the band was very good. I had never seen them live and am glad I did, not to mention they will be back for Taste of Minnesota, so will probably have to see that. It's not so much fun being one of the only sober ones in a crowd of drunks trying to watch a band though. Particularly when the drunks are at their most annoying during your favorite songs!! Man I hope I'm not that bad!!

Anyway, time for my meeting.

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