Monday, April 03, 2006

Can I have a Weekend...

To Recover from my Weekend??

OK, I’m on a countdown with the clock, just wanting to leave and I don’t think I got much work accomplished today. Tomorrow is a new day and I promise to focus and get a lot done then and the rest of the week, but until then, I’m going to get an update done and posted.

So this weekend was a wash for workouts and really, really bad eating weekend…I gained back what I had lost and then some, hopefully I get that all under control though this week and there should not be any bad things coming up…so focus on running an eating right.

Weekend was fun though, even without enough sleep. I was in Madison, WI on Friday night and then Saturday night we went on to Milwaukee, stopping at the Nike outlet on the way so I was able to buy a pair of shorts, a sport bra (can never had enough of those, and they can finally replace the crappy ones I have!!) and a really fun neon green light weight zippered jacket that will be nice for early morning runs.

Got checked into our hotel, showered, got ready and headed out to the show. We saw the band The Gufs who were good, and the opening band, Epic Hero was also really good, check out a bit about them and hear clips of their music at, great thing is they are a Minneapolis band and do tour around the country but play at least a few shows around here, so I’m hoping to catch them sometime around here soon for a full show. We also decided going to Summerfest this summer would be fun (particularly when Stacy found out The Gufs will be there) so that is a tentative plan right now. It will be after my marathon and before training will have to start up for Marine Corp and/or Disney, no long runs that weekend (although knowing me I might get something going on before heading out) so can have some summer fun…now just have to round some people up to make hotels affordable!!

Got back last night at 7:30, made for a very long day, all that driving (OK so I was riding, but still!), so exhausted last night my poor house is just a disaster!! I need to clean tonight!!


Andy said...

I always tell myself I'm going to get more sleep. Maybe next weekend? I think an advantage of getting older is that we are supposed to need less sleep. The time change hasn't helped sleeping patterns this week.

Weebs said...

I have to agree with Andy. I keep telling myself I will get more sleep and I don't. I guess I just don't want to miss out on life and that's how I feel when I'm sleeping. Missing out!

I'm glad you had a good time at the concert Dani. Sure wish I could have been there. Any other weekend I could have made it, just not that one.

It looks like we're in the same boat with the eating. Just keep trying.

Kurt said...

Sleep is over rated you will have plenty of time later LOL. Besides that is what work is for, to recover from the weekends.

Kelley Brooke said...

what is it with the eating problem?!! Me too! OMG, I gained 5 pounds on the RV and I am having trouble controlling my eating. I am hungry ALL the time. More menapausal symptoms?!! I certainly hope not! But I did sleep in until almost 10 am this morning after a very restless night.

Glad you had such a great time Dani!