Friday, April 14, 2006

Not So Great Run

So it finally hit…the bad run that I’ve been dreading, but knowing was coming. OK, so technically it wasn’t the worst run in the world, but last night I wanted to do 10 miles at 8:20-8:30 pace (just a bit slower than the 8:10 of last week) and I just had a bad day all around. Had a meeting from 2-3 and then 3:30 that ended up till a little after 4:30 (was supposed to be done at 4) so I didn’t have anything to drink from about 3 till after my run. I got home around 5, thirsty but forgot to get something to drink before I left. This is also about 36 hours after giving blood…well, not quite, but close. So the run was not great. I was thirsty, had a couple of walk breaks and averaged 8:44 for the run. I hit mile 6.25 and knew I had to get by home and get something to drink, which I did, stopped the watch, then decided to run out and finish up 7 and see how I felt from there, did that down and up a hill, back down and partway up again (right on the property I live on) and that was it. I was dead. I headed back to my place, stopped and talked to one other woman that lives in the buildings that I see often running and had never talked with before. It was nice to chat with her and she pointed out I should be eating particularly healthy things for the next few weeks just to build back up my blood and realizing she was right I am going to try that. I had my run this morning that was dragging still too. I know this weekends long run won’t be great, but I can remember that I just gave blood and that was a risk I was taking when I signed up to do it. I have 6 weeks of hard training yet to keep and build whatever else I can before the marathon, so I won’t let myself fret too much the next week or two.

The good news though, I weighed in this morning and am down another pound. Weighed at 133.5 last week and am around 132-132.5 this week. Although anal as I am about it, this morning I did run 4 miles before my weigh in cause I ran outside instead of on the mill and then came here and lifted weights, I don’t think I would’ve sweated off a pound on that run, but you never know. Have to figure out a way around that one now!!

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Kurt said...

We all have those days on the run. Dont worry your doing great.

Enjoy your easter!