Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not Tapering, But if Feels Like it!!

This is a cut back week now for my running and it feels like a taper week to me. I’m still wanting to eat lots of food, which I can only counter by running more (and of course that just makes me eat more, but I have been able to manage to lose a little bit, so I want to keep going down, not up!!), and not getting up this morning for a run felt weird. I’ve worked out and remodified my schedule a number of times to cut the mileage. I did 55.5 last week, 59 the two weeks before that, so this week I figure I should cut back to no more than 40…who would’ve thought that would be so hard…I think I’m going to end up with 44, but trying to stay closer to 40. I hate to do it, but know I need to before I hit the next 4 weeks I think it is really hard!!

Friday night I did my 18 mile long run. It was great. The area isn’t flat, there are plenty of rolling hills, which I honestly haven’t even really realized that it’s that hilly near me until I ran with someone who isn’t used to my course and found the hills to be a challenge…that actually made me happy to hear. Anyway, the run ended up being an average pace of 9:11…I have been trying to shoot for an average of 9:30, remember, to break 4 hours, which is my goal, I only need to run 9-9:04 or something like that pace to get it, that means I can run up to 90 seconds per mile slower on the long run and hope to achieve that and I’ve been running about 9:20 average…and my tempo and interval workouts have averaged in the 8:15-8:30 range which are supposed to be faster than marathon pace…but not quite that fast, so I’m very hopeful that I’m finally going to break 4 hours. Just hope all things to keep going the way they are. I have 5 ½ hard weeks before I do the 2 ½ weeks or so of a taper that I plan.

Saturday I was a bit sore, so I didn’t run, went out to watch a good live band and had a good time with my friend Beth, at least it was fun once we got out of there for the opening bands and went back just to see the band we wanted to see. Nothing against the other bands, but gospely and/or Christian rock just not our type of music and it’s weird that Epic Hero was playing headline to them, but oh well. The show was still good.

Sunday I got so much done, had a great 6 mile run, cleaned house while talking to mom and dad (that was mainly kitchen and bedroom) cleaned garage (now just have to find a place to dump all the garbage), washed car, but still need to do inside, grilled out, talked to a friend on the phone, had another friend call and head over to go to Lake Calhoun to hang out and enjoy the day. I think this weekend I’m going to try to get some “gardening” done…I put it in quotes since I don’t have a yard to dig in. I have planters and I want to get them at least prepped for plants, get old plants out etc…then hopefully soon get some plants to plant in them!! Next year I might try seeding some things to put out, but this year I’m definitely going with pre-done stuff so I can have a nice looking balcony again.

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