Monday, April 17, 2006

Long Run and Weekend Update

Finally!!! So I had a not so great long run on Saturday. I was scheduled for 18, decided due to other runs of not so great speed since Wednesday I would run only 16 and instead of doing them Sunday like I had thought, I did them Saturday which was the nicer day as it turns out. I had done a double day on Friday, not something I normally do, usually just 4 in the morning along with strength and then rest till the long run, but I needed something Friday afternoon when it was nice and did approximately 3, in probably a 9 minute pace. I can only guess cause I went out and did it tech free, no GPS (but on a route I know) and not MP3, it was nice and I just went to enjoy the day…and did. Saturday I felt OK starting out, but I did need a few walk breaks on some tough hills, and had a few stops for traffic, a bathroom break and water purchase (thank God I had money in my fuel belt) and then a brief stop to say hi to a neighbor and her dog (and she might decide to run Marine Corp this year too, so worth the stop!) before finishing up the run. I was sore at work on Saturday night, but my worst soreness seems to be what I can only assume is bruising from my fuel belt bottles hitting me…talk about weird soreness.

So ate too much Easter Sunday, weight back up a bit today at weigh in, but the run this morning, only 3.5 cause I was tired, but I was on an 8:50 pace again that was an easy effort feeling. I’ve been trying to eat extra healthy just to build the blood back up more quickly. We’ll see how tomorrow’s speedwork goes to really answer the questions on how things are. I’m going to push for 60+ miles this week and then I cut back next week. The 3 weeks hard, 1 week easy thing has been working well for me it seems.

Other than overeating, Easter was fun. Was Amanda (sister), John (brother), Brian (Amanda's boyfriend) and Paul (Amanda's roommate and college friend) and later Paul's boyfriend joined us as well. Had a couple of glasses of wine, good food including Better Than Sex Cake for dessert, then we played a few rounds of Uno and had entertainment by the spaz, otherwise known as Beaux (Amanda's rat terrier). Was relaxing and fun, kind of what we have gotten in the habit of doing every year for the past 3 or 4 I think. I contributed some potatoes that turned out really good, considering they were an experiement.

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Kathy said...

Hey there girl. Just dropping in to say "hi" Glad you had a nice Easter!