Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sleep overrated???

OK, not really in my mind, but I really missed out on it this weekend...

Well, a quick update for the day…had another good interval workout this morning, although one was going so easy, then I realized it was only at 7.5, about an 8 minute mile, this was number 7 I think and I normally run at 8.0 or 7:30 minute mile pace. I can’t wait to get myself out onto a track though and do this the right way, although I suppose a good thing about the mill is it keeps me at a steady pace and I know I get my pace. I had no problem getting 9 done, and that was nice, next week I’m going to bump up to 10 and then I’ll have my fall back week and when I come back I’m going to do 10 at just a slightly higher speed for a week or two, then I’m probably going to switch over to 1600s for the remainder of this training session.

Sleep was so good last night after a weekend of no sleep. It was just too hectic. Worked till 11:30 on Friday, got home went to bed, slept till about 10, got up did my 20 mile run (just over 3 hours) and then had to shower, talked to mom and dad, chatted with 5K, tried to do a bit of cleaning, ate and had to get to a friends by 8…went out, stayed out and up way too late, drank way too much and didn’t sleep nearly enough with meeting a friend to go to Whole Foods (and found out we are getting a Trader Joe’s, I can’t wait!!), then to Target and then back home where I talked to one friend, then had to meet up with another friend for her birthday celebration at the Hard Rock, dinner and watching her band (she’s good friends with them and is trying to help them get a bigger following locally) compete in a battle of the bands. They were robbed. Of the 4 bands playing, the one that won only won cause they had a bunch of bored high school girls standing up in front (right in front of where we had been sitting all night and couldn’t see the band perform) and a few people screaming for them. It was too bad because the first band that played was better than them and Charlz Newman Band, the band we were there for, were definitely best of all of them (the first band I give them props but not my type of music). We were then out too late because we had to talk to the band members, my friend has a thing for one of them, although she says she’s done with that, I don’t know if I believe her though!!

Having to work last night didn’t help, but I did sleep good and hard when I finally got to bed around 10:30 and I feel much more rested today than I did yesterday. Going out for a 4-5 mile run, showing my place to a potential roommate and then going to do some spring cleaning before going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow night I’m going to see Soul Asylum play as my friend won tickets at the Battle of the Bands…that was very cool considering it was her birthday, and I get to go cause my MN Quarter helped her win!!

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