Monday, November 06, 2006

Bandit - Freedom 10 Mile

OK, I was bad yesterday, after a busy weekend that I will write about later, I went with a friend to watch her run the 10 mile race I had helped her find as a goal race for getting back into running after burning out and having some personal things going on in her life. She wanted a goal to train for and this was a 10 mile race a week after my marathon and something I could come and watch her at. Race wasn't till noon and we rode with a friend of hers up to it, about 40 minutes away, and were there early enough for him to register and her to get her race packet and then use the potties and hang out in the car to keep warm (even though it was to be in the 50s by race time). It was a small race, but larger field than they had previously had at about 335 runners (the nice weather I'm sure drew more out). It's a loop course around a lake and pretty much point to point. My plan was to run an easy 6 while they were out and be there to cheer them on. My friend told me I should run with her...well, I figured I could run out 3 miles and turn around and run back and that would make a nice 6, so I lined up with her and did that. We hit mile 3 and it felt OK so I said alright, 8 won't be so bad I can turn around at 4, but I had the feeling that maybe she wanted company longer and mile 4 came and went and by then well, I might as well just finish cause it's the same distance when I hit 5...I didn't use the water stops, but just kept her company and we had a nice 8.5 there was a girl ahead of us that my friend decided we should catch, I'd say she was probably 300 yards or so in front of us, not a huge amount to cover in the distance we had left and we reeled her in and got up to the finish which I veered off of just before the line so I wouldn't get in the way. Finish time was about 1:32, which it's good I wasn't racing it on my own as I would've gone too fast but that was a decent pace for having run a marathon a week ago...OK, so I was 4 miles more, big deal!! Today I was going to take off but it's set to be nice the next 3 days and I want to enjoy nicer weather for as long as I can, so I'll run and just take it easier for the next 3 days and then rest a bit more allowing for a recovery.

Normally I wouldn't bandit a race. I would've registered had I known I was going to go the full distance...but I didn't need another t-shirt anyway!!


Ginger Breadman said...

I think it's okay to bandit a race if you were supporting your friend. And you said you didn't use the water stops - probably just a friendly supportive runner out there on the course that helps promote a positive race experience for all. :)

Firefly's Running said...

It's okay to do what you did. It sounded like fun.