Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve

So I ran again yesterday. That makes day 5 in a row…OK, I really do need to take a rest day, it has only been 3 weeks since my marathon, but I haven’t felt like it and much as I should not run today, I might have to just because it’s going to be in the 50s and nice…might even have shorts with me so I can run. I only am working half of a day today and then heading to my parents for Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. Good food, no need to shop and haul presents, no fighting crowds, just food, wine and football. What more is necessary in life?? It’s my favorite meal of the year. I love my mom’s sage dressing that she makes. It’s the highlight of Thanksgiving to me actually. So my run yesterday was 5 miles, fairly hilly, and again holding the 8:30ish pace…I guess I’m improving. Too bad it’s wintertime!! Although I honestly don’t think I’d be ready for speed work or anything now anyway. I’ve decided I’m most likely going to run a 12-15 mile run this weekend instead of the 8 I had on the plan. I think the nice weather is going to hold and I like the idea of a nice long run outside before I get pushed inside due to the cold. Checking the forecast, at my parents it’s looking to hit 58 today. OK, there is no way I’m not running this afternoon when I get down there!! It’s going to be way too nice to skip, in fact 58 is almost good enough for me to get into shorts!! Maybe it will be shorts and a long sleeved top…I’ll have to go shorter though, I’m running a 4 Mile race tomorrow. This is a virtual race, the “I’m Thankful Four” that is a scholarship fund raiser a friend of mine is race director for. Two years ago his 16 year old daughter was killed in a car accident and now every year this race is run as a memorial to her and raises money that is given out to deserving students to help fund their college education. The actual race is in Indiana, but every year myself and other friends that know him register for and run this race wherever we are in memory of Kelsey. It can be quite an emotional run of course, and it’s a great way to kick off the day prior to eating the fattening meal ahead of us.

It should be a busy coupe of days as I leave work at 11:30, quick stop at my house to grab the dessert (frozen and I didn’t want it to thaw while I was at work) that I bring because my sister and I don’t like pumpkin pie and now my shorts and a couple of other quick things, then back in the car for the 2 ½ hour drive home. Will stop at my parents for a change, do my run and then head out to visit with grandma for a little while before mom and dad get home and my sister and her boyfriend and my brother get there and we head up for a drink at the local bar. Have to keep it a little tame since I plan on eating tomorrow and don’t want to be hung over!! I’ll be coming back home on Friday to meet up with my roommate and J and E to do something…plan had been to watch a movie at our place and get some pizza but now J has to work till 10 so we might end up just going and meeting out and having drinks and doing Karaoke…while waiting for J our plan is to either take E shopping as we have decided he needs a new wardrobe if he wants to impress the ladies, and/or subject him to episodes of Sex & the City, to teach him about women!! We’ll see what happens. Could be an interesting night as apparently J was asking roomie about me a bit, like wondering if I had fun last week, and she found out that he is done with the ex, so, who knows…guess we’ll see what happens on Friday. We also were discussing New Years Eve already last night. Roomie was married on NYE, after 10 ½ years, she’s now divorced, she has a feeling 2007 is going to be fun and she wants to ring it in right, so my plan/goal is to find a really fun NYE party or something going on as I finally have someone willing to do something fun and spending a bit more if need be!! There are a ton of fun parties I know so I now have to check into them and start getting a group together to go out as the more the merrier on NYE.

Anyway, better get to work since I only have 3 ½ hours more to get some stuff done!!


Kurt said...

Despite the double post, I only read it once. Have a great Thanksgiving and give yourself time to recover from the Marathon.

Run well, be happy and enjoy the time with the family.

Ginger Breadman said...

Your weekend sounds like a blast - full of fun! It's good to hear your spirits are so high, so soon after a marathon and it sounds like you're loving running.

I think planning something exciting for your friend for NY's is a great idea - something to create a new memory for the holiday that might overshadow the other one.

Andy said...

Enjoy your LONG weekend! It sounds like it is going to be fun. I can't believe it is Wed. already! Time to put up the Christmas lights.

Have a great run today in the nice temps!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving...and you have been tagged! :D