Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

OK, it’s end of the day and I don’t want to work anymore…I’m feeling lazy today…well, lazy at least regarding work. I’ll get more done tomorrow. I’m more focused during the middle of the week and early in the day…

On Friday my parents were up and dropped my grandma off as she was staying with me cause my sister only has a couch and that’s not the most comfortable thing to sleep on (although my grandma does do a lot of sleeping on her couch so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad). Anyway, we went out to dinner then I went out with a couple of friends and grandma went to bed and slept through my coming home. We got up and visited a bit, then went to Trader Joe’s as grandma had not been there in years and she likes the store (have relatives in California and they used to live walking distance to one). That was fun, we looked all kinds of things and bought lots of things we didn’t need but that looked good. We then had a late breakfast and back to my house and visited more before mom and dad came and picked her up and I had to go to work. It was so nice getting to spend a whole day with grandma. When I’m home I always go visit her but I don’t get to visit with her nearly as much then cause I feel like I should be seeing everyone else too. Saturday night I worked and then Sunday did the race and watched the Vikings lose again, not sure what’s going on there…could not sleep last night for whatever reasons but that’s OK. I’m feeling awake enough today and am about to head home to go for an easy short run and then some cleaning and hopefully finally fixing my computer at home since I picked up a bunch of blank CDs for cheap today and am going to burn a bunch of stuff to back it up!!

Also managed to spend a ton of money on candles today...through a Partylite party I had...but I used it to purchase Christmas gifts. I have a number of things done now so I won't have to fight the crowds so much this year hopefully!

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Firefly's Running said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.