Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Run

In other news after my blog this morning, I did go for a run today. Still feeling very fat as my scale has gone up and doesn’t appear interested in budging, no idea why…couldn’t be the crap I keep eating every night after eating well all day at work could it?? Anyway, I did loops around our island at work, it’s about .65 around. I was going to do 6 miles, ended up just doing 5 and Garmin was having issues…I trust the overall time and distance cause it did adjust itself, but pace still didn’t feel quite that fast, but I can’t dispute the time the watch states and the distance I feel was accurate too as it was showing me I had gone over 5 and then adjusted back to under 5…(there are a lot of trees) and I guess it probably felt similar to Sunday. Anyway, I ran 5 in right around 42 minutes or 8:25-8:30 pace. Not bad. It was a bit chilly but I survived…I didn’t do yoga or strength today as I had intended though cause I’m still quite sore from my workout on Monday. I might do yoga tonight after work and am going to strength train tomorrow, I’ll get two sessions in this week of 20-25 minutes and shoot for 3 sessions next week or the week after…slowly build back up right?


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the run.

Anonymous said...

"couldn’t be the crap I keep eating every night after eating well all day at work could it??"

I understand completely. :)

Kurt said...

Hey good running and good build up to recover from MCM.

Keep at it, you and your future twins will find that running is fun again! (PS Dont worry about the food right now, moderation and enjoy it!)