Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good bye nice weather…

And welcome in the 40s, dropping to 30s and probably dumping snow on us tomorrow. But that’s OK I guess I’ll just deal as I did get a little bit of a run in last night even though I thought I was not going to manage it. I did an easy 3 and then when my roommate got home we took the dogs for a walk, even though it was dark we walked around Lake Calhoun and tons of people were out…it was still nice even then. I was in capris and a hoodie and sandals and was fine. And I’m one that is always cold. Oh, I ran in shorts too. I ended up skipping the run today and will do it tomorrow, most likely inside since it’s going to be colder and rainy, but that’s OK. Ran to Target at lunch with a friend instead and tonight I’m going to do some yoga and crunches while watching TV, try to stretch out my IT Band.

Finally got some pictures pulled off my camera, even with computer issues still at home, I got something working at work so here are a few of the “furry babies” and my DC trip. Enjoy.

I was enthralled with this building, sitll not sure what it is...ah yeah, that's right, the capital.

The Starting Line

Just before entering my coral

Champagne Toast!

Connie and I after mojtos, a great burger and fries and a stoli doli for good measure!

Oil and I hanging out. (Someone is quite spoiled!)

Little Miss Lola, quite spoiled, I had to put her back in bed AFTER she went out, was fed and had me up!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! Yes, it's going to be hard to get outside tommorow. It's going to be an indoor run or cross-training. Oh pooh!

m said...

You've got some awesome times!

Anyhow I prefer running in shorts. I will be layered to the hilt with hat, gloves etc, but will still have shorts on. I know all the car drivers are looking at me thinking "idiot". Usually I'll wear running pants when it hits 40.

Love the pics too!