Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Weekend

So far a good weekend. I wish it was going to be longer, as I work tonight from 6:30-11:30, have to leave in an hour and I'm not looking forward to that, but the rest of it has been fun. I didn't make it out for a run on Wednesday cause I got home and dad saw me and came in and it's not often dad and I get a chance to visit, just the two of us, so I spent time chatting with him, then went out to see my grandma and then up for happy hour with mom and dad. A few cocktails later (OK, beer) was feeling good, that's what happens when you give blood before having a few drinks...Anyway, had a nice evening visiting with mom and dad and my sister and her boyfriend and a cousin later as well. Got home and didn't get a good nights sleep because my sister's dog slept with me and he wasn't much for sleeping unfortunately, he wanted to find his mommy...

I was up on Thursday morning and went to do my Thankful Four run....I ran a 31:38, not bad, I could've probably gone faster, the weather was about right, it was low 40s and no wind, BUT I finished the last two miles at 8:00 and realized at the end that I was ready to throw more drinking before a race, but then I also remembered giving blood the day before. That most likely is what affected my running more so than the drinks and lack of sleep, although it was a combination I'm sure. Dinner was wonderful as usual, it's my favorite of the year, we had about 15 people there and managed to get through the day with no fights and got some cute furry friend pictures I'll have to post later.

Friday was interesting...I got back, took a nap and then roommate and I were waiting for the guys to get a hold of us to head out for drinks or whatever. J called and said he'd pick us up at 9:45, after he was done with work. E met us at the bar and a friend of J's, D, met us as well. E got there having ridden on his motorcycle, in the cold...the guys a bit out there!! J and I chatted and I made mentione of wanting to run 12-15 on Saturday and he said he'd join me for part of it since I was coming near his place. Was a fun evening, good conversation, a few beers...nothing like hanging out with other runners for a night.

Saturday, got up, started my run, called J to let him know I was on my way, he met me 4 miles into the run and continued with me to just past 11 miles, then we confirmed going to a movie on Tuesday, even if the others can't meet up with us. He also invited me to dinner sometime next week, so I guess I kind of have a date...we'll see what happens. J is nice, he's attractive and a good to hang out with no matter what, quite interesting too. We'll see what happens. Guess since I've blogged it, I'll have to share it later. Run was good though. I did finish the 15 miles in about 9:15 whic is really not bad considering I gave blood just 3 days ago.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm.....drinking, donating blood, running and a date. Interesting post.