Friday, November 10, 2006

Tired and Sluggish

OK, I’m feeling like a slug…a slob…a lazy fat-ass if you will. I have only run 7 miles this week to date!! I have eaten junk all week. I have no control when it comes to sugar and candy anymore. It’s ridiculous and I’ve watched my weight fluctuate in ways I’m not happy with. I need to do something to end this constant need, the endless craving for sugar and chocolate. Especially if I’m going to have such a slacker week. OK, yes, I know I ran a marathon 2 weeks ago. I know I need to take recovery time or risk injury. And the tightness of my IT band doesn’t help in the wanting to get out and do it. I should’ve run yesterday instead of going to Target where I bought exactly nothing anyway. My excuse today, I used the fact that I left my MP3 at home (had taken it home to add more music and stupidly forgot to put it with my stuff to come back to work). I could’ve gone and cross-trained and read while doing that, but no…I just didn’t feel like it. I need to get past this slump. I feel fat, I feel lazy and I just don’t like it. Maybe instead of the 8 I was planning I’ll actually do 10 tomorrow and get a run in on Sunday as well. To add to all this, I’m feeling the tired of having changed the clocks, and depriving myself of caffeine all week. I had some coffee out of habit on Monday morning coming to work. I was almost up to 5 days a week that I would have it. I won’t have it once I get to work cause I don’t like just any coffee, I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do like my “Icing on the Cake” from Steep and Brew that I discovered at of all places a Food and Wine Show, but I digress. I am trying to get rid of the habit that has formed. It started innocently. A coffee on Monday to start the week and whatever day or days I work at B&N I have some in the morning to keep me awake, but it’s gotten out of control and I didn’t let myself have any after Monday. I’m fine with it, except suddenly I’m feeling a mid-afternoon slump…that’s really the time I need the coffee anyway. I usually don’t drink all that I’ve brought with me and around 3 I warm it up for a little pick me up, well I haven’t had that and I’ve had all kinds of sugar and now I feel fat and tired and lazy and the scale is reflecting my slacker status…Not to mention I just chatted with our EVP and he has 30 miles in for the week so far…and he’s traveling all the time. He’s busy…yet he’s run 30 miles!! OK, he didn’t just run a marathon, but still. I had 16.8 in last week and planned 19 for this week and so far I’m at 7….OK, I can still do 8 tomorrow and 4 on Sunday and be at plan but still…my legs are feeling sluggish, it’s cold outside and I just don’t always feel like it either. Maybe I’ll get up and come to the gym and run in the tready while watching 90210 tomorrow…maybe that will help…I’d rather run outside though…at least we don’t have snow like my home town and other nearby areas!!


Andy said...

The candy and chocolate cravings should subside. I had those for the first 2 weeks after Chicago. Now, I am back to craving Cliff bars, bananas and whole wheat english muffings.

I kept telling myself I was going to get out and run some shorter runs this week on the days I normally rest but it didn't happen. You might try some shorter easy runs. I think I should have been doing those the first 2 weeks after Chicago. I wonder if it would have helped with my mood and cravings.

It could snow a little here tonight. Temps have dropped a lot today.

Anonymous said...

Dani, I am in the same boat. It's SO hard to resist all of the goodies at work and on top of the goodies that I have been having for my birthday. Plus I went to one timezone then flew back here and lost one hour again. UGH! I got out to the gym today in order to tame some of those cravings. I will try and get out for a 8-10 miler on Sunday with the group. I will have to see how I feel.

justacoolcat said...

Didn't They Might Be Giants sing
"Don't don't don't let's start
This is the worst part"

I always think of them when it's hard getting back into the workout routine.