Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Interesting Weekend

I finally got to get caught up with “my person.” (If you don’t watch Grey’s, or if you’re like FullMetalLunchbox and haven’t watched it cause it induces eating, let’s just say I mean she’s the one I’d call to help me drag the body across the living room after I killed someone) At least a little bit. It’s been forever since we caught up. In fact it was October last that her and I managed to get out and do something. She travels for work and just ends up being hard to get together for various reasons (even though she lives only about 10 minutes from me now) and she knows nothing of the C saga, and it was another friend’s birthday (well his birthday is on Wednesday but she’s out of town so we went out to see him last night, the picture was just before we left and Kerry thought it'd be fun to give him his birthday spankings)…a few cocktails and I asked where C might be as he wasn’t out, it was suggested I call him, so I did…umm…yeah…I know…Get him on the phone and he’s stuck in someplace in South Minneapolis as he has to give a guy a ride home to a place north then he is going to try to get back to us…about 20 minutes later he walks in (I have just finally started telling Kerry the C story). He found someone else to give the guy a ride and joined us right away. It’s getting late and Kerry is calling a cab to get us back to her place and C offers to give us a ride, he has had one beer so is fine…so off we go. Again, I realize. Anyway, first our friend is given his birthday spankings, then we headed out the door. C came in and we hung out at Kerry’s for a bit, then C took off, but not before we had a little talk…he can’t guarantee that I am not a rebound, and I realize that, at least he’s honest about that part. And to be honest, I know I’m going to get hurt if I keep my interest level and allow what I want to happen, to happen, namely things moving toward another level. I know that I am rebound girl, he can’t say if I am or not, but I honestly know that I am…and even knowing this, I am still drawn for some reason to him…so I guess I just take the leap and will be crying to you all in another month or two. I mean it’s not like we had a discussion and are “dating” now or anything like that. He just knows where I stand, and how I feel…he didn’t give me any reassurances and I still feel just as up in the air about it, but what do you do? Can’t always make ourselves interested in the right people now can we?? I always find the ones with the most baggage and somehow let them slip in. It’s kind of unfair, but what do you do. And this after my recent post about being single. This is why single is better in my mind!

So little sleep last night and I got up, went home and went for a 7 mile run. I ended up doing nothing yesterday cause I was just tired feeling and ended up working later than planned. This morning didn’t feel too bad though. It was a slow pace due to weather (about 9:10), in fact I ran into another person and we discussed the treacherous footing, tomorrow will be even worse, but running in something that is like loose sand has to do something good for you right? I guess that pace isn’t THAT slow considering, and it did feel better, nicer conditions might have brought some paces I was finally happy with. It’s just funny cause yes, I live in MN, shouldn’t we be used to this? But not really, we are more about the cold, not so much the snow, not for a long time and we are looking at getting another 6-10 inches tonight I guess. This is a picture after the snow had been coming down for an hour or so two maybe. It wasn't going to stop me from joining some friends to watch a band play though…and there are some attractive men in it, hmm…maybe I can use someone there to get myself over C!! Ah, fat chance but a nice thought.

Well, blogger was having issues, so I might as well round out the weekend. Even with the massive amounts of snow, I met up with friends and we went to see the band play. It was a fun night that continued into the wee hours. Even though I live kind of far from where they played, I invited everyone back for an afterbar. The drummer accepted as did the brother of one of the other members and the two people I went with and one other friend that joined us. We watched Eurotrip and hung out and suddenly sun was coming up and sleep was much needed. Woke up around 10:30 and everyone else (people had crashed here) woke up around 11. The boys left and the girls remained, we chatted till about 4:30, when they left and I am now so sleepy I’ll probably go to bed early. I did not get my run in today. Even if no one had been here, I don’t know that it would’ve happened anyway. We got at least 8 inches of snow and the sidewalks weren’t looking cleared. The picture shows my balcony at the end. Most of the main roads are clear, but the idea of running through all that snow was not overly appealing. It was a really bad week running and workoutwise, but oh well. I’ve been feeling run down, maybe I’ve been overtraining and hopefully this lighter week will lead to a better week this week. Also it’s the last drinking night for a really long time. I don’t normally drink both nights and this was a strange weekend. I’m dehydrated and body is exhausted. But that’s OK, once in a while you need to do that right? Besides, with the boy stuff going on, I really do need to get out of my own head once in a while!!


Firefly's Running said...

Wow! You guys REALLY had fun after I talked to you on Saturday night. Nice pictures!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

OK, I'll watch my backlog of Grey's Anatomy.

Just don't spank me!