Monday, February 19, 2007

Training Week 1 – 18 Weeks to Grandma’s

Monday, February 12 – 30 minutes strength, 30 minutes elliptical had to work at 11 so no run

Tuesday, February 13 – 45 minute elliptical at lunch. 9 mile run after work with 10 x 100 strides. Strides weren’t working real well as my hamstring was a bit sore and it was cool enough that my muscles just weren’t warm enough to really push it without chance for injury so I kept it at a moderate pace. 1:22:00 (9:07 pace)

Wednesday, February 14 – 30 minutes strength, 30 minutes elliptical then a run after work for 5 miles. Garmin was having issues so I didn’t wear it, was just an easy run anyway.

Thursday, February 15 – 8 mile run at lunch around work. No Garmin because it was cold and I didn’t want to wait for it to get the signal.

Friday, February 16 – 30 minutes strength, skipped the elliptical due to having too much work stuff to do. Was too tired after work to make an attempt at a run and according to the schedule it is a rest/crosstraining day, but I felt guilty not doing more.

Saturday, February 17 – Easy 5 miler planned, ended up doing 7 because it was finally a bit warmer and my paces were nice. 1:01:30 (8:47 pace)

Sunday, February 18 – 18 mile long run. I managed to negative split the second 9 which felt good and I ran a bit faster than I should’ve on a few of the miles but overall my paces were close to where they should be. I got some bad chafing for lack of using body glide, I know, dumb but I seem to just not think of it in the winter for whatever reason. I also had a tweak feeling of some sort in my left knee at about mile 12 of the run. It hurt for a bit, but not long and nothing that felt serious. End of the run I was feeling some soreness so I iced and then later figured out the icing wasn’t in the right place. I iced around the knee on the inside as that is where I was slightly sore most recently, when I later was probing it to find the pain it seems the main area it hurts is around the patella (thanks RW for having a great breakdown of the knee in the March issue!!), mainly a bruised feeling. I have today as cross training so will rest it and ice after work, before B&N.

Mileage – 47
Strength – 3 sessions of 30 minutes
Elliptical 3 sessions, 2 30 and 1 45

Not a bad first week. Mileage is there, I really need to now focus on the quality of the speed sessions that will be incorporated from here on out and figure out the best way to get them in. Thankfully the weather is warming up a bit.


Andy said...

That's a fine week and a good long run! I was so surprised to see that 18 miler already, but you were definitely ready for it.

Firefly's Running said...

Bring on the HEAT WAVE! :D

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

18 mile long run with 18 weeks of training left?  Wow.

My Garmin tip:  leave it out on the windowsill while you get dressed.  That way you have your signal as soon as you are ready to walk out the door.

Anyway, keep us posted on your training progress.

JustRun said...

wow, great job. I'm so jealous of your negative splits- that hardly ever happens for me.

Kurt said...

Good base building. I agree lets work on doing 10 X 800 at a 3:45 pace. Your going to do well at the Grandma's this year.

Ginger Breadman said...

great job! really, really consistent - you're gonna be on fire when the spring weather hits!