Friday, February 02, 2007


Thank God…last night it wasn’t quite as cold as it’s going to be this weekend and there was a light snow coming down, I thought about going home and running, and then remembered that the main reason I wanted to run at the Dome was so I could see about my paces and figure out if I was really as slow as I’ve been feeling. So I drove downtown and actually made it there just before 5 and the running is from 5-8 so that worked out quite nice. I got changed was running at just after 5…the running is a bit off, as you are running around this large square/circle if that makes sense, rounded, but not terribly rounded and it’s hard to tell where you are in relation to where you started 1 lap on the outer wall is .64 miles around, middle is .62 and inner is .60, but the inner loop is for sub 7:00 pace so needless to say I wasn’t there. They have things calculated out and I did a 10 mile run in 1:28:11 for an 8:49 pace. Not too bad. First 4 miles (10 laps is ~4 miles) was a 35:55 split, then I did 2 mile splits 17:39 (8:49), 17:27 (8:43), 17:09 (8:34). For pace I’m training for (8:00) I should be running the first half of a long run at 9:36 (MP + 20%) and second half 8:48 (MP + 10%) according to Pfitz…I guess I was a little off on that last night but that’s OK. It was a shorter longer run anyway. And I just wanted to see that I could still run easy runs at around the 8:45-8:50 pace I had been doing. My hamstring is still a little sore and/or tight, when I stretch I definitely know it’s there, but it wasn’t bothering me on the run at all. My left knee was a bit sore after the run but was fine by the time I got home. I should’ve still iced it just to be safe, but I know the soreness came from the surface. I don’t think I’d do more than 10 on that surface, it is concrete, think any stadium you’ve ever been in…it’s great for those rollerblading down below though.

Anyway, I got home and was wiped. Watched TV and then went to bed, although a bit later than normal and I had a rough nights sleep. I woke up around 2:30 and was still awake around 3:30-4 and might have even been awake from 12:30 but can’t be 100% sure on that. I’m not tired today, but I just couldn’t sleep and if I had realized I was that awake I might have just gotten up and read for a while or something. On the plus side, the cold definitely seems to be on the downswing. I was sleeping fine, nothing draining, didn’t have to stay on my back propped up to be able to breath, but I am sneezing again today, which seems to be something to do with the work air anyway, I wish I had taken something before coming in, but oh well. I’ve been trying to avoid that anyway. I plan to run a recovery type 4 tonight even though it’s going to be cold, and then get another 6 miler at some point over the weekend, even though we are supposed to see nothing about 0 and negatives in the teens…I might have to find indoor running somewhere, but most likely I’ll just suck it up and brave it. As of right now, no real plans for the weekend. I’d really like to go out tonight but as cold as it’s going to be I don’t know if I’ll feel brave enough. Not even sure I’ll be going anywhere or doing anything for Super Bowl and that really sucks. I’d like to at least go meet up with people at a bar or something.


Kurt said...

Have fun at the Super Bowl party and enjoy the pink party!

Keep running and just slog through the cold weather.

Ginger Breadman said...

I can't believe the cold! Man, it seems like it hasn't let up in forever. Run inside again, and hope for warmer days next week. Or go out, but be smart and careful. Those kind of temperatures border on dangerous if you don't prepare right.

JustRun said...

Be so careful running out in the cold. I, too, was hoping to get out and use the new Garmin this weekend but it's so cold, my joints even hurt. How Grandma-like, I know.

Firefly's Running said...

Be careful. I think it's best to stay inside. It sucks, but it's safer than frostbite.