Thursday, February 01, 2007

I feel Guilty

I called in sick to work last night. Legitimately I was (am) sick…but still feel the guilt…but why should I? It’s not like I called in sick to go watch a band play (I might have done that before), or to just go for a workout (I might have done that before too). In fact I got home, I ate some crap (ie half a box or more of Lucky Charms and a cup or two of Edy’s Vanilla Bean ice cream) watched Wedding Crashers and then crawled into bed, where I actually went to sleep around 8:30, but was awake off and on through the night CAUSE I CAN’T BREATH!!! OK, so maybe I should break down and take something, but I so don’t want to. I suck on Zinc (Target brand Cold-eze) lozenges, alternating with Halls Defense Vitamin C with Zinc and Ecanacia (sp) every 3-4 hours. Last night I took some Airbourne Nighttime that is new to the market (so not liking the hot apple cider flavor, I much prefer the orange, but this supposedly had other things in it as well) but I thought the hot might help. I think tonight I’m going to dig out my vaporizer and put some Vicks into it, if I can find it that is, so maybe it will loosen stuff up. I just hate that I’m sneezing so much…colds suck. And I feel like such a baby. The only time I felt good yesterday, amazingly enough, was when I was down using the elliptical trainer and strength training. I told my boss I wanted to move my computer down to the fitness center so I could work while I was working out…Of course I don’t have a laptop so that is difficult…Anyway, today I elliptical trained at lunch again, since I’m not strength training today I did a 45 minute session instead of the 30 I usually do, then I’m going to Dome run tonight. Get in out of the cold (right now it’s 4) and get my longer run of the week, probably 10 miles, being in the cold, with a cold, probably not the best of ideas…I might even go use something indoors over the weekend since it’s going to be very, very cold this weekend, but we’ll see. If nothing else maybe I’ll sweat and run this cold out of me….It did take a lot of strength of will to NOT run last night since I wasn’t working (I had planned on intentionally not running yesterday since I knew I would be working last night and wouldn’t have time) and it was 17 out…yeah, a heat wave, in fact it had snow flurries I really wanted to run in at lunch, but I didn’t have outdoor stuff with me, so I didn’t…This is sad, even though I am not getting what I feel are quality runs, cause they are slow, I still want to run…and most times they are feeling so hard (again, could be because of the cold coming on). I know Dori commented that an old coach of hers suggested we do run slower in the cold, that could be true, I was going to say I had heard otherwise, but then realized that no, what I had heard otherwise was that we burn more calories in the cold, we actually don’t (darnit anyway) but it is a nice thought isn’t it??? I would so be doing more cold running if I thought it would burn more calories!!


JustRun said...

Sorry you're sick... I wouldn't feel guilty about calling in (I know those feelings, though) you were saving others from getting sick, too.

I wish we burned more in the cold, too. Then, I'd eat the other half of that box of Lucky Charms (one of my favorites)!

Firefly's Running said...

No guilt, girl! You were sick. exercise and take care of YOU. I LOVE lucky charms myself, but I LOVE the new Chocolate crunch Life or Chocolate Lovers Special K, which is STILL healthy!

Andy said...

I hope this cold leaves you quickly. You shouldn't feel guilty. You needed the time off and I'm sure it does you more good in the long run. I know I always feel better when doing some cardio even if I am sick.

Getting the runs done even if they aren't all quality runs is still good and adds to your mileage. I'm unsure of the question on slowing down due to cold. That really seemed to be the case for me last year, but not this year. Maybe some of us we get used to it? I may not be saying that after I run a 5K on Sat in the cold.