Tuesday, April 01, 2008

30 Positive Thoughts

To counter the not so happy post from below (but please read it if you are so inclined) I ran across something that talked about 30 Positive thoughts and thought, hmm...today is April 1, April has 30 days...of course I have a trip (more on that another time) coming up that I'll miss a few of those days maybe, but might try to work something out. Anyway, positive for today:

"Do not lose courage in considering your own perfections. -Saint Francis de Sales"

Hmm...almost fitting based on what I just posted...weird.


Kurt said...

Good post and great thought. Hopefully a post on cheesecake is coming soon.

Molly said...

As tough as snow is friends can be tougher.
I have been in a similar situation and it really made me question myself. Through talking to others what I realized is that the friend that attacked me was the one truly questioning themselves and I was simply the target.
Be strong and know that your true friends know and love you for who you are...whoever that is whenever that is.
Personally I think you rock!
Take Care

Runner Leana said...

That is a terrific thought. I hope the weather is improving down your way! The middle to end of March here was awful. I'm ready for spring!