Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

You do have to look for the good in things to find the positives right?? This morning (like yesterday) I didn’t want to get up, but I did, and I opted to bike for a warm up as I decided elliptical still has me on my feet which I should be staying off of and let my foot heal right? So I got on a bike to warm up before strength, and in case he showed up, tried to maneuver into a place hottie might go…but unfortunately it was kind of busy and at some point I looked over and became aware he had shown up, but unfortunately was a couple down from me…ah well. I did 5 more minutes that I would’ve for warm up and then went and did abs, hoping maybe he was strength training and was just warming up too (unfortunately not) and then went and lifted…and at one point I was able to see that he chose today to work. Of all times, when I can’t (but would’ve been) running…sigh…I’m wondering if he might be hurt or something though as he seemed to walk quite slowly (you can see the track from part of the weight floor, yes, I’m keeping tabs on him, but was watching in the mirrors so he couldn’t have known!!). Anyway, he happened to be heading to the locker room when I was going to grab my book and go back up for the rest of my workout on the bike…sigh…I SOOO wanted to follow him into the boys’ locker room…am I terrible??
On another note. I had some worrisome news today, but I’m trying to put something positive on it. My grandma was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Thankfully her normal doctor wasn’t there. My mom has been saying that this doctor seems to not really have a clue and just be offering whatever drug some company has given him. Anyway, the doctor she has now has her on antibiotics and is planning to keep her a week to get her medications sorted out. She has been having some back/hip pain and/or not getting around well and her other doctor pushed a cortisone shot and that’s about all he did for her. This doctor is wanting to try something more, including therapy (which grandma doesn’t like that idea, but I think it will help her). The other thing I found out that has me most worried is apparently her heart valve is leaking, and she’s too weak for surgery. So I’m hoping, that the pneumonia is a blessing and that it got her under the care of a doctor who is going to fix her meds and do something better for her. Please, if you believe in some higher power (and even if you don’t, just send some positive thoughts) keep her in your prayers. Grandma turns 89 in a month and I still have trouble thinking that’s really that age. She may walk a bit slower than she used to, but she’s still with it and very feisty. When I’m visiting my parents, I spend a lot of time with grandma (last time I was out just after breakfast and didn’t leave till well after lunch, which I cooked for us).


Firefly's Running said...

Prayers coming your way.

Molly said...

Stick your nose in the book and walk right into the boys room...BUT you might see some other non-hotties too ;)

Prayers from here too.
I am glad the Doc is looking at all her Grandmother had so many doctors and she was on so mant meds and it took a hospital visit to sort it all out.
She is doing well now, I hope the same for your Grandmother!
Take Care

JustRun said...

It is not bad to want to follow a good looking man into a locker room. It may be bad (and freak him out) to actually do it, but it is not bad to think about it. :)

Best wishes to Grandma.

anurag said...

haha ,nice thoughts ,