Sunday, April 20, 2008


I missed yesterday so a quick second post since I had something else to write!! It's a happy day, I have a light sunburn!! Yes, yes, I know, sunburn bad, cancer etc, but you forget, I'm in Minnesota, and it's been really, really cold here for months and months and spring wasn't coming and today, FINALLY, we had beautiful weather, I had inklings of a good run (just gotta get that cardio up) and I am pink in the face and a little around the scoop neck of my tank, maybe even a little on my's good. And let me just say, Trader Joe's raspberry rocks. Grandma mentioned wanting some sorbet, so I was there and saw it and bought some, I won't see grandma till mother's day but I bought so I have at least one (bought two of them knowing I might want one) to take to that I know it's good, I'm getting a couple more for her...and the price is not bad either. Love Trader Joe's!!


Molly said...

OH WOW that looks good! I am sitting here trying to avoid dessert and you post such an amazing picture!
I got sun yesterday...the freckles are starting to merge!
Take Care

teacherwoman said...

looks very yummy!

I hear you on the sunburn. By the time I actually get any color, it's almost fall and I am losing it!

Thanks for the support with my half marathon training! Much appreciated!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Love the desert porn!

Now I'm tempted to raid Denise's stash of special champagne sorbet.

Firefly's Running said...

BTW, Josh hit some of the remaining sorbet. Very yummy!

Nicole said...

Glad you are enjoying the weather. And, the sorbet looks great.