Sunday, April 20, 2008

Frustration…Resolved in 7

"It hurts up to a point and then it doesn't get any worse." - Ann Trason

So after the heel feeling OK after the 10 days rest and all that, I ran last Sunday easy, 2 miles, then biked two days, then ran Wednesday (thought I was short but maybe I wasn’t on the 3 I had mapped) and it felt good. Was going to run yesterday but weather forecast had today as better so I waited, and only biked yesterday and the heel was sore yesterday, and today…but I said enough. I’m tired of this and I don’t want to deal with it anymore. So I iced it, then I threw on running clothes and headed out. I think I had planned an easy 4…well, into the run, heel wasn’t really bothering (I have to reiterate here that I’ve never felt major pain, just a bruised feeling, kind of like I stepped really hard with it on a stone and it bruised) and as the run went on, it wasn’t hurt. Only thing that was is my cardio. My cardio has always been what keeps me going, or what tells me that I could keep going, my body, muscles, mainly legs, have always been the failure…fatigued…but the biking is building up the leg strength I think, and some of the light strength I’ve been doing, so now my cardio is down, but I’m going to build it back up because I decided today enough with the injury and I’m just going to run. Now I’m going to be smart about. I have been on light duty for 3 weeks so I’ll not run again till Tuesday, then every other day if I can manage it away (work trip this week) and slow build back on the mileage (hope to be back to 40 miles a week by end of May). Today I ran 7…and I averaged an 8:23 pace. Somehow. Maybe cardio isn’t THAT bad (this was just an easy run). I had one mile, fairly hilly one even, at 8:12 pace…and I hit the zone…that magical runner’s high place…and I went with it. That was in between miles 5 and 6…I just took off, and my legs were flying, and I felt detached from my body, and while I was only able to feel that for a few seconds before cardio gave out and I had to slow down, but still it felt simply…wonderful…

Grandma is meeting with her surgeon on the day after Mother’s day. She’s home. With an oxygen tank…hopefully all is good and things are fine for promoting surgery for her and that goes easy. I wish she would find out sooner but the surgeon is a busy man. I heart the internet…I searched him out on the hospital he works for. He’s the head of the cardiology department there. And he did his cardio thoracic residency at Johns Hopkins. If grandma has to have surgery, I want her to have the best surgeon…and he seems to be good.

Also…spring, that elusive season is finally rearing it’s head big time. Sun is out (after it looked to be a bleary day) and it’s at or close to 70. I cleaned up my balcony after my run. Cleared out the planters of the dead stuff that froze before I got it outlast year. I swept and washed the windows and now I’m sitting on my comfy chair, typing this and reading a book…soaking up the sun in a tank top and shorts. Have I mentioned that I love spring?


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Nice photo of you out on the balcony.  I hope soon to see photos of you running (pain-free) again.

Kurt said...

Great picture, dang you get better looking everytime I see a picture of you!