Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greetings from the East

OK, a quick update...I arrived in Providence, RI on Tuesday, on time (even a little early! Northworst might not be so bad!!), went and got my stuff taken care of at the rental car place and then went over to grab my bag and it was just coming off the about timing!! Went out, got the car and was out on my way to Conneticut. I'm here on business, a contracts summit with my company at our headquarters just outside of Hartford. No trouble driving right to the hotel (mapquest rocks!!) and arrived just over an hour and a half later...only complaint was the radio sucked!! Beautiful drive though. Lots of stuff started blooming (I'm going to have my camera up front with me and take some pics on the way back) and green in the trees. I had wanted to get a run when I got here, but I was tired from the travel and decidede to just go have a beer and maybe get a bite. Made some new friends at the bar and hung out longer than I planned but that's OK. Had a decent steak (you eat well when you eat on the company!!).

Wednesdays conference was quite good if not long and a LOT of information. Met a bunch of people from other divisions, including two that run marathons, one that might consider Twin Cities and one trying to BQ at New Jersey next weekend!! So we talked running all last night at the happy hour!! Today we are done around 2 and then I'll head back toward Providence...debating on stopping someplace along the way and doing a run along the shore. We'll see. Weather is going to be good. Either I'll run around here before I leave, stop along the way, or run when I get to my friends place. He has something tonight that he has to be at for a couple of hours so could run then, we'll see. Sounds like tomorrow night we'll be up in Boston as he has a work committment on Saturday morning. I love Boston so am OK with that...I'd like to take a drive over Heartbreak and the pre-hills...too.

I actually have someone from another division joking about bringing me to their company (they are in Chicago) I told him make me a good offer and you never know!! But I don't think I'd go that direction. If I'm going someplace else cold I think east coast is where I'd go. I do like it out here...and maybe at some point in time.

Anyway, best go get some breakfast and ready to get to my conference...not sure I have time for the eggs that I had planned but we'll see.


Molly said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! Hope the rest of your trip goes just as well!
Take Care

Firefly's Running said...

Chicago is much cheaper than the East Coast.

JustRun said...

Woo hoo, glad you're enjoying the East coast!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the East! ... you are coming back right? You wouldn't believe the weather here in the Midwest... good time to be away!

Kurt said...

East coast is so cool. Better Hotties out here also.