Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday 60?

They say we might get close to 60 again today...and I can't get out in run in it. I've been told to take at least the week off, if I can, and right now I can, (I don't want to, but I can). It weighs heavily on me since I want to race a really hard mile in a month, but my big training goals revolve around Twin Cities of course, so it's better to take time off now, heal and be ready for training come June than push now and not be able to train and run this fall. I was reading an article in a local sports magazine about the women from MN competing at the Olympic Trials in Boston in two weeks yesterday as well. And one of them is training through and dealing with PF. I figure if she can do it, and get things together and be ready, so can I. I'll do what it requires to get there...even if it means to enjoy today I have to be content with pumping up the tires on my bike and riding it (part of me is contemplating a ride to a coffee shop and taking my computer with to work on something, or even taking the laptop and working outside on something...such a dream and the whole reason for a laptop right?).

Today's quote I pulled from my "Runner's Book of Daily Inspirations"...I bought this book a while ago and have never actually remembered to read it every day in a year but it's a good one, I like it and today really kind of fits:

"The only thing that's important in your training program is motivation. I've developed a set of motivational tricks that I'm constantly reviewing and refining. They haveonly one purpose: to keep me running" - Amby Burfoot, marathoner


Firefly's Running said...

Make sure you get a tennis ball or get this product ( for the pain. I bought one for Josh and I and TOTALLY in love with it especially because I have PF too. It hurts for the first minute, but you really notice the difference after that. I hope you have an appointment with a podiatrist because they can help with it or recommend an orthodic for you to use.

teacherwoman said...

Love the quote, again.

Enjoy the nice weather. Even if it means taking your laptop along and doing some work under a sun-filled sky! :)

Molly said...

Hope the PF feels better...I have heard the tennis ball idea too...prob.worth a try!
WOW your lasagna looks awesome. If it is a recioe you share I would love to know your sauce recipe!
Enjoy the weather!
Take Care