Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dedicated to the Tax Day Procrastinators

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow. Famous Saying by Mark Twain

Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week. Famous Quote about procrastination by Spanish Proverb

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. Famous Saying by Don Marquis

One of the greatest labor-saving inventions of today is tomorrow. By : Vincent T. Foss
In honor of tax day, and all the people out rushing to get their taxes done (or extensions filed) today. The day post offices stay open until midnight to help out all the procrastinators. Now I’ve never been one to file that late. See, I’ve never had to pay in. You can bet though, the day I owe money, I’ll be mailing it today!! (hey, they don’t rush to get my money back to me, why should I rush to send it!!) As it is though, for me, I had my taxes in the mail the 4th of February (they were all calculated, but I had to wait till all my W-2s and dividend information and such was to me end of January, I did them over the weekend, copied and mailed them on the 4th and had the money back by around the 20th…might have had it sooner but I REFUSE to pay to efile…so I mail them and get direct deposit and it’s all good). The one thing I don’t get though, is why people, who are getting money back, wait till the 15th to file. Seriously…

Last night there was a work outing. We have sales people in town for training and we went out to a sports bar for dinner. About 18 of us. I got there and only ordered water to drink. (everyone else was having beer, wine, mixed drinks) And while I couldn’t resist having a couple of buffalo wings (OK, 4, da*m wings!) and a few onion rings/strings (they have those lightly beer battered stringy onions), I ordered a nice broiled walleye (for those not familiar it’s the MN state fish, seriously, although this was Canadian walleye since MN walleye are not farmed commercially, it’s a light fresh water fish), baked potato with butter on the side (and only used a little over one packet of it) and a side dinner salad with no dressing (yes, I’m weird, I like no dressing on my salad, take flack for it from servers ALL the time!!). It was good and fairly healthy (except I’m sure they put butter or something over the walleye before broiling). Tonight I’m meeting a friend for dinner at a Tex Mex place and plan to have something as healthy as I can keep it (maybe just tacos and use lots of salsa to get my veggies, or a taco salad and somehow resist eating the bowl!!). I’m really trying to keep my diet more healthy, next week will be tough with travel, but we’ll see what I can do!! (same with the workouts, I’m sure the hotel will have something though)

Anyway, seems spring might FINALLY be coming to MN. It’s coming on the wind, but that’s OK. Chance for 70 today (we haven’t seen 70 degrees since October 30, 2007) and upper 50s rest of the with 60s in the weekend. It’s too bad we have a wind advisory today! I’m shooting for an outdoor run tomorrow. Then probably Thursday and Friday off running again and maybe a run on Saturday at my parents.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Fun facts:

* A taco salad can have up to 3000 calories.

* It was 85 degrees in Bismark today.

(This educational blog comment was brought to you by: Booze.  Booze: helping runners since God knows when.)

Runner Leana said...

Way to get your taxes in early. Luckily here there is no charge to e-file. I submitted mine a couple of weeks ago, already got the refund and they aren't due until April 30th. Hurrah. Anyhow, way to resist temptation at the bar. I'm terrible for that... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that spring like weather arrives for you!