Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cabaret and a Run

Last night I went and saw the show Cabaret at one of the local theater companies. We had a deal through work for opening weekend discount tickets and myself and two friends took them up on it and went to see the show. Dinner before, a couple of beers at a local brew house and then off to the show. I wasn't very familiar with show, and it was very good, but not such a happy ending...but they can't all can they? I definitely didn't know the Germans had some of that in them though!!

Today started with me waking up too early (even though it wasn't an overly late night) at 7:30, got up, had a bite and picked a friend up to drive her to the airport...on the way back I stopped at the gym and did 6 miles on the track, 30 minutes on the bike and then went to Trader Joe's where I spent a small fortune on healthy for me stuff. I got a lot for the money though. Pretty much same amount when I buy crap other places so it's all good. I'm definitely trying to go for more healthy, so even bought milk there to try it. Actually not bad (I've found some milk, namely Oak Grove, I don't like) and doesn't have the hormones and crap in it. Anyway, stopped also at GNC so I could finally get some Accelerade to try and some Endurox R4 to try for recovery after workouts. I'm not good about eating after a workout and that is about the best way to take in some calories and the mix you need. Will try it tomorrow probably...or whenever I next strength train at least.

No snow today. So that's a good thing. We had the fun of going to the theater in a rain storm last night...ah least it wasn't snow!!


Anonymous said...

snow? In may? was it suppose to snow? can i recommend coming south. Because since being in TN I haven't missed spring chicago weather.

Molly said...

I agree, snow in Mat is CRAZY...come on down south!
I signed a petition this week to get a Trader Joe's in Chattanooga. We do not sell wine in grocery stores though, so I doubt it will ever happen!
Take Care

Jean said...

I know, I was very happy that it didn't snow on Friday night/Saturday morning! We have to have finally turned the corner with the weather, haven't we?

Kurt said...

Snow sucks. Snow is for Canada make it go away. I hate snow. Ugh.