Monday, May 12, 2008

Final Results TC 1 Mile

This is the person who took first (she also was second overall, she has also been in Runner’s World):

PRs: 1500m 4:06.13(2004); Mile 4:29.2 (2005); 3000m 8:52.67 (2002); 5000m - 15:04.07 (2004)

Career Highlights: 2004 Olympic Trials 1500m champion; 2004 U.S. Indoors 3000m runner-up; 2nd at 2002 USATF Winter Cross Country 4k Champs; 5-time NCAA Champion; 1995 USA Juniors 1500m runner-up

Second place was a Lithuanian runner who I couldn’t find a lot of stats on and third went to a Kenyan whose PRs are: 5K – 15:29, 3K – 8:58 and 1500 – 4:11 (which is about a 4:40 or so mile I believe in conversions).

So take those three (who were part of the championship invite only group) out of the mix and I was 8th in my age group. One place up from last year, and had I been on my game and running what I want to, and what I know that I can run, I’d have placed 4th, or by these standards first in my age group. Ah well.

I’m also confused because my time of 6:15 that I saw when I ran across the mats (ok, a split second before I ran across the mats, I first saw the clock about 15 feet or so from the finish, maybe further, and it read 6:13, by the time I hit it it was switching the 6:15 and the mats were RIGHT after the clock), at least according to chip time for me, I was at 6:18 (still a second faster than last year, but I don’t believe it’s right). How can my chip time be SLOWER than clock time? I know it can be faster, if you are toward the back and don’t start right away, but I was at the front and started right away. It’s kind of annoying as I forgot to hit stop on my Garmin and it had lost signal so I can’t even check the mile stat…but I’m calling it 6:15 since that’s what I saw on the clock (I suppose they could’ve delayed starting the clock but by 3 seconds?)!!

So for last week I had 23 miles. I’m going to push to maybe 25-28 (depending on a few factors) this week and then cut back next week and build up from there into the 30s…hopefully that will keep all things healthy and get me back to real training. No hottie spottings since last Tuesday…hopefully he’ll be there tomorrow!! I’m still debating taking Friday off work too. If it’s nice I’m probably going to, otherwise maybe I’ll take next Monday…I want to take one of the days off coming up though. Yes, I realize Memorial day is coming, but I like the idea of my own day and it’s something I usually end up doing this time of year. Just happens the day I usually take off falls over the weekend…and I keep getting asked what is going on this weekend…so far I have not made any decisions…had thoughts of going to see a band play both nights, had thoughts of a half marathon (that obviously isn’t happening since I had the heel stuff and can’t quite get to doing that distance yet) and who knows what else…I just hate to say I want to do this as I know people will find excuses not to or end up not making it and I’ll just be disappointed by it so I think I might have decided to just hang out at home and drink a good bottle of wine…sounds like a plan to me!!


Anonymous said...

Great idea to take a day off when no one else is. Enjoy it - however you wish!

Weird about the chip time vs. clock time. I agree, go with 6:15.

Firefly's Running said...

You still did an awesome job!

JustRun said...

I still think that's awesome!

I'm at about the same point you are with mileage, and scared to push it more for fear of knee/ITB/hip pain. One run at a time, I guess. Plus stretching and ibuprofen. :)

Nat said...

Congrats on the run! You're so fast! What is the date of the TC Marathon this year?