Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hottie Spotting?

OK, still owe an update needed from Saturday, there wasn't much to it. Lunch at my favorite resturant, visited an art fair, stopped by DQ for cake, back to my sister's to grill, a drink with my dad, brother and mom and a friend at a bar for a drink, back to grill, then cake and out to the bar. Plan was to hit a few places but found out that one place we thought we knew the bartender but he was done before we headed there so we just hung out at the one place. Should've gone to see GB again!! Ah well.

Sunday recovered, dog sat for Max, then went for a walk...that was about it.

Yesterday I saw the dentist. No cavities! Yay.

Today...I went for a run. Headed out of my house on one of my normal routes and see a guy coming toward me, walking a bike...and as he gets closer, he so looked like my hottie. As we went past each other, I still couldn't decide if it was him...it might have been. He was wearing sunglasses, so I couldn't see his eyes, but man it so looked like him. I continued on my run and was just on a high from the thought of him that my planned 6-7 turned into 8...and it was around an 8:12 pace...and I was just running easy. (I say around that pace because Garmin lost the signal just before 5 miles and I stopped, trying to get the signal and haven't recalculated everything) So today, not bad...whether it was hottie or not. And he hasn't been in the gym in forever...not since the day he said "morning" to me.


Firefly's Running said...

Oh cool!

teacherwoman said...

Just go with it. It WAS your hottie!