Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm tired...I'm definitely going to bed early tonight. I don't know what's wrong with me this week...well, I kind of do, but not sure yet if I'm going to talk about it. But I was up early again today, didn't see hottie...although I think he might have somehow been leaving when I was leaving...was he maybe swimming?? (if so damn, I KNEW I should be getting in that pool somedays) Anyway, haven't seen him still since last Tuesday, except that brief siting today. But got home after what felt like a very long day and I went for an OK 7 miler (well, 7.28, I'll explain) at an 8:30 or so pace. Ended up being 7.28 because I had been trying to turn off the alerts (I set them to keep me running fast during my mile) and hit the reset button, and at the end I wanted to know my final pace for my last mile...and then know the paces for the 7 (59:34). But back to being tired. I got home, ate some dinner, had my shower and now there is nothing on TV...I think that means I should go crawl into bed, watch a show or two on my PC that I have missed in the last couple weeks and call it a night. First have to get my bag ready for tomorrow of course.


Molly said...

I am going to copy your plan tonight...going to crawl in bed and watch the last two episoldes f LOST!
Hope you are better today!
Take Care

Weebs said...

I'm sorry there is something going on that is making you tired. Unless it is something GOOD! :P
Anyway, I went to bed at 8:00 on Monday night and 9:00 last night. I don't function well on less than 8 hours of sleep and if I want the energy for a morning run I have to get to bed early.

That and we didn't get home until 5 a.m. Sunday morning from 15 hours on the road.