Monday, May 05, 2008


And no, this isn't a dedication to MNFirefly (although she did just graduate last weekend with honors, great job!!)...remember the b**** that lives downstairs from me, there have been some new issues and of course she's been complaining to everyone and has a telephone game going on with no one knowing and/or checking on what might really be happening...but tonight was nice and I went for a run, then I got home and decided to grill a burger...and hag came home. And she saw me. And I hear her call Denise. Denise. Denise. (I'm reading, and I KNOW she's talking to me, but it's not my name, so yes, I'm a child and ignor her) Finally she asks if I'm Denise _______. OK, not going to put my full real name out here...Anyway, I say no, she asks if I live there, and I say yes, I'm DANIELLE (I know her name is Jeanette, and have known that almost the entire time living here). So she goes on how I need to call my insurance and get it into other insurance so the insurance companies can figure out who needs to pay her damage etc. And I said that we need to figure out what is wrong before anything is fixed. She goes on about how the insurance and property manager know it's my new fridge (un huh, cause they have all been out here to look at it) and on and on about the I said, she doesn't know what happened, she hasn't had a plumber come look (but thinks I SHOULD have one come and rip up my floor apparently)...yeah honey, I'm going to jump all over that when you can't even be sure of my name. My mom is Denise...not me.

Anyway, if only I could've eaten better today. I snacked too much tonight...I got up, biked this morning, did ab work, then ran tonight...and then I ate and undid it all...I'm never going to lose this 8-10 pounds I need gone before October...I keep gaining and losing the same pound or two...ughh...and I have a mile race on Thursday I'm SOOO not ready for. Hmm...looks like a thunderstorm rolling in.


mg said...

Your neighbor does sound like a dumbass - I wouldn't be in any hurry to work with her either!

I'm with you on hoping that it finally is spring - we got up to 70 today and it was sunny all day. Hope it at least holds for the mile on Thursday - good luck!

teacherwoman said...

Snacking is good... just depends on what you snack at! I struggle with that too, Denise ... I mean Danielle! :)

JustRun said...

Whew! Probably a little stress there, eh?
Take care of yourself, girl!

Firefly's Running said...

ROFL!! That's WAY too funny! Thanks for the shout out!

Molly said...

So glad you are getting some warm weather!
I am coaching my niece's (3 year old) soccer team and the other coach was getting mad b/c "Spencer" was not paying attention to him. Whne he told me about it I said, it is probibly b/c his name is Collin. Oh Well!
I have snacking issues too...just too much time between lunch and dinner.
Take Care