Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Smell is in the Air

Of decent runs and spring? Yes, it’s why I love this time of year…why I continue to tolerate the crappy, cold weather year after year…because spring smells so fantastic. Lilacs in bloom, dogwoods, apple blossoms…it’s pretty, the weather is great (except for the stupid Minnesota wind that is now blowing all the pretty blossoms OFF the trees!!) and runs are feeling and smelling good. Heel, still sore, but oh well. Mostly it’s fine. Not worse, maybe a bit better.

Run on Friday was just meant to be relaxing, it didn’t necessarily feel great, but the times were there.

Total Time, Friday Run: 33:19 – 8:19 pace
Mile 1 – 8:36
Mile 2 – 8:27
Mile 3 – 7:51
Mile 4 – 8:21

Today was a decent one. Things started out feeling good. I wanted to shoot for a slower, easier pace, which first mile was…I am terribly at pacing, as you can see, but oh well. This was a bit of a hilly run, both up and down. I did take two water breaks and am realizing with the warmer weather now, any run over 10 miles I definitely have to carry water, and probably some sport beans or something since I was feeling it a bit and could’ve used something more at the end.

Total Time, Saturday Run: 1:44:14 – 8:41 pace
Mile 1 – 9:09
Mile 2 – 8:31
Mile 3 – 8:37
Mile 4 – 8:14
Mile 5 – 8:39
Mile 6 – 9:00 – took water
Mile 7 – 8:34
Mile 8 – 8:27
Mile 9 – 9:06 – water stop
Mile 10 – 8:34
Mile 11 – 8:49
Mile 12 – 8:27

Managed a nap, cleaned up my garage a bit, organized my closet and am in the process of getting things further cleaned up in my house. I can't get over how messy it can get!!


Firefly's Running said...

Nice splits, Danielle!

Jean said...

Aren't the flowers beautiful right now? It is hard to believe that a month ago, we still has snow on the ground! :) Enjoy our nicer weather!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the runs. And, I agree about how messy things get. I feel like I clean up just to find a mess again the next day!

teacherwoman said...

great splits on the runs! Makes me realize how slow I really am! HEHEHE

Everything looks beautiful and green here... I love it!