Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend in Recap


Went to a small bar in a nearby small town. Was trying to see a band (found out I was off by a week on when they were playing) and met up with a friend that lives there when she got done with work at midnight. We had a little catch up time and a conversation with a guy that came over to keep me company just before she got there.


Cleaned some in my garage, straightened out my closet some, did a little picking up and then kind of vegged and watched TV. Oh yeah, had my 12 miler too…then met up with a friend to go to the local hang out. Had nice conversation and a nice evening.


Woke up and had a friend call me about going to lunch. That sounded nice and what was meant to be lunch turned into brunch at a cute little French cafĂ© in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. Bellinis, mimosas and good conversation then a walk around the lake followed by ice cream at a little coffee shop and then took her dog for a walk before having a couple of glasses of presecco on her deck…had a phone call from a friend and caught up with her and then a nice evening and early night.


Did a LOT of cleaning. Got my house organized and looking good, watched some TV and got a run in. Got home to find a text from a friend asking what I had going on. Since I had no plans we decided to meet up at a place with a nice patio. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great for sitting outside, feet were freezing!! But we sat outside, chatted with the bartenders and a few others and had a nice evening. I even tried a bailey’s and coffee at one point since it was so cold.

All in all one of the best Memorial weekends I’ve had. I spent it with 3 different friends (Monday was the same friend as Friday but we had more time than we had had on Friday) and had quality girl time each day. Friends are so fabulous and I’m lucky I have the friends I do.

This week’s big highlight. Sex & the City party on Friday night and movie viewing!!


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I like weekends like that.

Kurt said...

Nice weekend. No wonder I can never race you on the weekends.