Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maybe it’s Old Age??

I can’t seem to focus. I don’t know what my problem is but it’s frustrating to me. I can’t get anything done and my resolve was to throw more of myself into my job after my birthday. Sigh….

There really hasn’t been anything exciting to write about. I’m working on some fun for the summer. Trying to see more of the shows of my favorite band, of course I’m referencing GB. I get this way it seems. It’s kind of like with a guy I might meet. I’m interested, excited, etc…but if I don’t hear from him in a week, or if it’s a guy I’ve even been out with and am into, don’t see him, then it’s done. I forget…but once I’m reminded, it’s all on, all over again. I think I have it worked out to see them at least 3 times in June though, so that’s a start!! Maybe I need to add a music link. Have it play my top songs of theirs…get everyone who reads this hooked too!!

No hottie reports. I’ve wanted to sleep in the past two days but dragged my butt out of bed and nope, he hasn’t been at the gym. Sigh…I’m guessing I won’t be seeing him much anymore. It’s nice out, people move out of the gym and onto the road, bikes, running, etc…what a bummer! I wouldn’t give up spring…but man, to not see hottie…he made some mornings!!
I really do need to get myself into the pool again one of these days. I haven’t been in since November. I got a new suit then, and I haven’t used it yet. Ooops.

Today is a day off from running. I ran Tuesday hard (well, felt fairly easy but was almost a tempo run). Then I ran yesterday, it felt hard. Only 4 miles but I didn’t eat enough. Tonight I’m thinking a bike ride though. I strength trained and did elliptical this morning, but I’d like to get a yoga session and bike ride in maybe yet today too.

No plans for the weekend as of yet. There is a happy hour I might check out tomorrow night for a bit. I need to clean out my garage finally…it’s such a mess, and I want to get a small freezer into it, so that means tossing out some stuff! I need to also get rid of some stuff out of my closet…get spring stuff moved to the front of it, winter stuff to the back…get some more cleaning done, maybe rent a steam cleaner and clean the carpets…oh yes, I have my work cut out for me this weekend I think. Will I get any of it done? Knowing me…probably not!! My one thing for sure is a 12 mile run, probably Saturday morning. And some time at my happy place of course too.


Nat said...

Sounds like you have a busy weekend. I think the inability to concentrate is because of the nice weather here-finally!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

If Hottie shows up at the gym again, try to sneak a secret photo so we can all see him.

Kurt said...

You need to move to NY and see more hotties.