Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Endeavors

Today was something different...other than being lazy too, and not getting to the bike ride I had planned for after work...namely I think it's that I can't just go out and ride. I need a destination and tonight I had nothing in mind...and didn't want to just walk either. Plus I'm having people over for a pre-Sex & the City movie party so I had to buy a few things and get them ready for Friday. I only got one thing baked though since I'm out of oil for the cake I need to make (and didn't know how olive oil would work nor did I want to waste that expensive stuff!) and I don't have any milk for the banana that's tomorrow. But tonight I made biscotti. You know, I'vc never even had biscotti yeah, deciding to make it was interesting. But someone had suggested it to me, because, you know, there's that episode of S&TC where Charlotte brings over biscotti when they are watching the gay porn...ah...funny things!! So yes, I made almond biscotti, and yes, I have never made it or had it before and why follow a recipe either?? I did a little of this, a little of that, added something changed something and we have S&TC Almond Cinnamin Chocolate Chunk Biscotti (in my mind you can add cinnamin to almost anything cookie related when baking) and it turned out it goes with Cosmos, who knows but Friday should be fun.

I did get a workout in this morning...not a great one (I am on a fall back week this week), strenth and a short bike ride...and no...hottie wasn't there...sad days...

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teacherwoman said...

So... how is the biscotti?!?!?! Looks yummy. I think you should send some my way! :)