Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Getting Colder

That is what it said when I left work yesterday...I ran about 45 minutes afte r I posted that, later that evening it was showing me -10 or so...I actually was warm enough for the 7 miles I ran, but it didn't feel great. I mean I could've kept on, except the hills, which were a pain (particularly the larger one, I ended up slowing down quite a bit for it). My plan had been to run the 7 miles (1:06:35) and do 10 x 100 m strides at some point in it...I attempted them, managed 5 or 6, but I doubt any of them were 100 meters, most were on the downhills and all felt really tough. I don't know if it's all the extra clothes (I was wearing 4 tops again and 3 things on the bottom), the breathing through the gator, not eating enough during the day or what was the problem. I know all day yesterday I was feeling hungry, but I know I ate enough too. I did do 45 minutes of elliptical trainer at lunch, and Monday I had done 30 minutes elliptical and 25 of strength during lunch. I guess I'm going to have to find other ways to occupy my lunch if I'm not running and get back to workouts in the morning and afternoon, obviously even though the elliptical I don't find incredibly hard, it must be tiring me in some way. Or I could push the time of the second run back, but that doesn't seem optimal either (as I get at least a little during daylight right now).

I do have a bit of a cold coming on now though too. I have managed to avoid it all winter and suddenly it's on me. It sucks. I'm debating work tonight, if I should or should not go, and the rest of the week. It's going to keep getting colder. As it stands right now, this is the forecast through Sunday:

Not pleastant at all huh? Anyway, I think, just to test it, I need to do some running indoors. The treadmill not the optimum cause it always feels harder, but it dawns on me that I do have a cold coming on too, which is making me feel less energetic (OK, it's not really just coming on, it's here and has been for the last couple of days). I think what I might do is take up the option of the Dome running (running around inside the Metrodome for $1 on Tuesday and Thursday) this week, even though it means a trek into downtown Minneapolis after work which is a horrible commute...although I do know some back options that might not be so bad...Anyway, I could get a feel for running in shorts, not on a treadmill, over flat, non-windy conditions and see if I'm really as slow as I feel. About 3 laps to a mile...there is another option of a track that is indoor that I can use for $3 a time not far from home and I think is open for most times, softer surface and 6 laps to a mile...guess we'll see. I just can't buy that the clothes are slowing me down that much, but I suppose they could be...it'd be nice to think that at least. I should weigh myself in shorts and in the winter stuff and see how much of a difference it is.


Dori said...

A former running coach from Club Run says that cold weather slows a runner down, although I don't know the physical reason why that is. Going 45 minutes on the elliptical the same day as a 7 mile run when you have a cold probably doesn't help any. Congratulations on getting into Grandma's.

Firefly's Running said...

I would start thinking about bringing it indoors.

Kurt said...

Good for you to keep the running outdoors, so many people go do inside stuff this time of year.

It sounds like you need more general rest. Your strides are suffering and the eating are all signs of being just plain tired.