Monday, December 04, 2006

Cold and Interesting Weekend

Well, I was going to do an update on Saturday and then again on Sunday but my computer is hosed…fried…so not working it sucks. I have a virus in it, it’s been in a while but I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it fixed. I’ve tried a few things to wipe it and start over, but so far they haven’t worked. It was still working for Internet, now it’s just so darn slow nothing can seem to come up and that’s one of the only reasons I have it.

OK so enough on that rant…Friday night, got home, was chatting with a neighbor then went upstairs to change and go for a run. It was cold, but I wanted to get a short one in, I was changing when roommate came back in with her dog and asked if I was going to be around later as she wanted to talk. I wasn’t sure, had slight plans to go out, she asked if I had time then but I wanted to get my run in, so was going to wait till Saturday…I did decide to go out, had a nice time, ran into my boss, his wife and another co-worker from our Paris office, in fact helped them get into the bar as the co-worker from Paris hadn’t brought her passport. Anyway, chatted a bit with them then went back to friends I was visiting with. My friend and I had planned to only be out for a little while, but she started talking to someone and I ran into a friend…well, maybe something else, that’s a long story and until I know more I don’t think I’m going to think much on it!! Anyway, was talking to him, another J, will have to call him J2 to keep them separated, although technically I’ve known J2 longer…anyway, we closed the bar, but I had only had a couple of drinks anyway so was feeling fine. Got home and to bed and was up just before 8 to go for a run. I had been talking about running that 5K and decided to do it and J1 had suggested he’d meet me at the same spot and run down there with me and then run it with me…we had a ride home from a buddy of his lined up and I thought why not…so I was up early, met him about 8:45 and then off to the race. We had 6.35 in before the race started, it was about 10 degrees when I had started and there was wind…it was cold. We stood around just enough that my fingers were in pain but once we started up again, and blood was flowing it was fine. This is a huge race, about 5000 or so runners so no chance on a good time unless you are in the front. I have no idea on our time even but I know we paced over 10 minute miles it was so packed, oh well. I wasn’t trying for a PR on this one. People dress in costume and they only give prices for the top 5 men and women overall. After the run we finished off a 3.65 so I could have my 10 miles, they were kind of slow due to the cold but oh well. We met J1s friend and his mom and her friend that were with and got to the car, I was so cold as my under layer was damp and with the wind and such I just couldn’t stay warm. I went home, took a bath had some hot chocolate and a nap and felt better. Roommate got home and we had a talk too…we’ve agreed it’s best for her to move out at the end of the month as the strain is too much and if she stays till March we probably won’t be friends anymore. She didn’t want to move again, but what can you do. I thought long and hard on it and figured it’s better this way too so wasn’t going to try to talk her into staying, it’s not good for either of us. I had to work Saturday night and went home and to bed…had a wake up call at 7 am from the dog, this is a big part of why moving out is a good thing…and then couldn’t sleep anymore, so I got up, did some cleaning and talked to mom and dad and then decided to run. Even though it wasn’t any warmer and might have been colder than Saturday, went outside for it and did 6 miles at about a 9 minute pace…then got home and watched the Vikings be beat by Chicago, oh well. Hopefully next year we can rebuild!! A bad record this year gives them draft picks!! Oh, also got a batch of beef barley soup made up. It’s a good winter thing to have around…and gave me something to bring for lunch today. Sunday night I then went to dinner at my favorite restaurant with J1…it was a nice evening, and he’s interesting to talk to, although I think I talk more, he does listen, which is a plus, but I don’t know if I feel it going anywhere…I’ll give it a bit more time and see, but I’m a bit concerned cause I have a feeling he really likes me for whatever reason and I feel bad if I don’t return that feeling with the same enthusiasm. I think this just proves my point though. I’m really not that interested in dating. I’m open to it, but it really has to be the right person for me to be fully engaged and ready to be committed to someone. I won’t be with someone just to be with someone. J1 is a good runner (he’s run 3:3ish for marathon), interesting, attractive, stable in that he owns a home, has his own business etc…but there still needs to be a bit of something right? Like I said, I’ll give it a bit more time, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I finished the week with 36 miles, 3 days of doing 20 minutes of strength training and 2 days of yoga. Not a bad week. In fact I’m happy with it and will take it. Just hope it warms up a little bit for this week as I am tired of the bitter cold already…At least we have the winter solstice coming up and the days getting longer which is a very good thing. I need the sun and even if it’s only a minute or two each day, days getting longer are so much better and easier to deal with than days getting shrorter!!


Anonymous said...

Lots of stuff in there, lots of good stuff but still, full weekend.
I'm with you on the cold, I'm SO tired of it already!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the roommate stuff. :(

Kurt said...

Your right you should feel something to make a full commitment. However with time you might develop it so give it a chance and see how it goes. Otherwise he goes in a hole at the beach also.

Andy said...

That's a great week! I know after last week, it can't get much worse. I don't mind the cold so much but too much snow is depressing.

Sounds like a good decision with the roommate. Some people just can't live together.

I haven't heard anything bad from you on J1, but there does need to be something. Maybe that will happen later.

Anonymous said...

10 degrees? holy cow! I can't believe that many people run in that weather! I'll never complain again. J1 sounds like a great buddy - I agree with Kurt - give it time - and that time can be building a friendship - but something deeper needs passion and a spark. But don't discount the friendship - friendships can be amazing! Great workout totals for the week - I'm so jealous. Your attitude about life in general seems really happy - maybe the solution with the roommate - maybe running, maybe friends, who knows, but it's a good thing.