Friday, December 22, 2006

A lovely run… the snow, and slush and glop …the picture doesn't really show much of the roads (although you can kind of see the line of traffic) and it wasn't really record snowfall by any means, but it was's the most we've had so far this year (thankfully, I don't have yak trax!!) this is my balcony, you can see the lights, and you can see the trees beyond, it really was much prettier than the picture looks. I really, really, really wanted to run last night. I so didn’t want to use the treadmill and really didn’t have stuff for using it anyway, so my option was outside after the sleet and snow that fell earlier in the day and was still slightly coming down (wish I could’ve run when the snow was actually falling as it was gorgeous “snowglobesque” weather (that is my word, I created it a few years ago, I think I need to submit it to Webster’s, as soon as I use it, people seem to know what I mean and find it to be appropriate). I actually got to leave at 4 yesterday, which just gave me enough time to run before my girlfriend met me at my place to get the books I picked up for her and for me to look at makeup. Due to people driving stupid cause the roads were wet (they weren’t slick anymore) I got home at 4:25, changed, use the bathroom and was out the door at 4:35…I didn’t know how far I would be able to go before she got there, but I just ran…it was getting dark, the streets were sloppy, slushy and messy, thankfully where I run there isn’t much traffic, but there was enough last night. My paces were slower, just over 9 minute, but it was icy, slippery, crappy roads, in fact one part I had to actually run on the snow covered grass since it was safer than the side of the busy road (which the shoulder hadn’t been cleared on!), and one sidewalk was cleared but not salted so it was a bit slick, I found myself wondering how running on snowy, slightly slick roads compares to running in loose sand which is supposed to be a good workout as well, and it seems they are probably comparable, I know I read something about running in snow not too long ago. All in all though, I’m so glad I was able to get out, I even managed 6 miles before my friend got there, so that as awesome. This gave me time to peruse the makeup, buy 3 lipsticks, 2 eyeliners and some eye shadow (she’s selling it for a friend that bought too much Mary Kay inventory), chat a bit and still have time to shower, eat and get ready to meet up with J2 to watch the game (too bad the Vikes couldn’t pull it off, we need some receivers!) and chat a bit. We had yummy raspberry beer at McCoy’s and were out way past my bedtime…J2 is an attorney so was telling me some interesting things going on in his caseload, particularly considering he’s a defense attorney and used to work in the Public Defender’s office, he REALLY has interesting stories!! Anyway, we finally left the bar around 11:30, I got home and to bed around midnight, didn’t get any packing done or finish wrapping up presents, so that’s what I’m doing between jobs tonight and guess I’ll get home, sleep in my own bed and get up early to leave tomorrow to head home. I actually might come back up Christmas night to hit my favorite watering hole, J2 told me that he knew it was open cause he had been there before on Christmas night and if I were to come back I’m supposed to call him…still not sure what I think/feel on this one. I find him to be attractive, he’s very intelligent (which is most important to me), I enjoy talking with him, and I love that he’s a runner, he used to run sub-3 hour marathons, he has a knee issue now and can’t run them anymore, but he still understands the NEED for a run, and the fact that a bike ride and/or swim doesn’t do the same thing (which I’ve had way too many people tell me I should do other things, they don’t understand, it’s not that I want to run, it’s that I NEED to run). In fact meeting up last night our plan to meet up later was specifically so we both could get a run in before we met up. He knows the importance of running. J1 runs and is game for running, but in the winter he’s more about skiing, running isn’t his first love, he doesn’t have that real runner feel to him…he can’t motivate himself to run, he has to run with others, J2 will run cause he feels the need/desire to. I think kind of the definition between a runner and a “real runner”…it has nothing in my mind to do with the speed, but the love and/or desire for it.

Office is dead today. I think there are about 5 people on the floor…and most will probably leave early. I’m going to try to sneak out at 4…We’ll see if that works. I want to get home, wrap presents, get a bite to eat and of course get to B&N on time…man it’s going to suck tonight. Might need a glass of wine after work just to unwind! I’m also hopeful I can get up early enough to get at least a 3 miler in before heading to my parents. I have my grandma’s 90th birthday party open house from 2-5 tomorrow afternoon, then possibly drinks at the local bar, Sunday I am hopefully going to get at least 5 miles in and a nap before church, then dinner at dad’s mom’s, home to bed, brunch at my mom’s mom’s, then later a late lunch/early dinner at my aunt and uncle’s…then I might skip having wine there and just come back up here…then I can enjoy the sales on the day after Christmas since I have it off work…and maybe go take a look at phones and pick out a new one since I can get a new one now and get some good deals on it…I hate my current one and found what appears to be some good deals on-line…including saving on the activation of it!! The picture is hard to see, but it's the rotunda area between the towers where I work, I should take some more pictures of that, it's really quite pretty.

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