Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve

Last blog of the year...I didn't start blogging till this year, it's a new experience for me. I've had a journal online at Livejournal, I have a myspace page, I even have something at runbud, but nothing has stuck the way this one has. I have paper journals too, which I'd like to maintain better, but for some reason they have never lasted either.

My resolutions for the new year.
  1. SIMPLIFY/DECLUTTER - I have so much junk and crap around that I don't need (boxes that are still in my garage never unpacked in the 5 1/2 years I've lived in my current home) obviously I have no great need for the stuff and I REALLY want to have a less cluttered messy home and life
  2. JOIN A RUNNING CLUB - Finally join one of the running clubs I've talked so much about doing but never have, hopefully it will help me to make some new friends too
  3. WEIGHT/FITNESS - Get down to the weight that I have deemed my proper marathon weight and tone up my body for perfect running
  4. READ - I have a number of books: ChiRunning, Advanced Marathoning, Competitive Runner's Handbook and Jack Daniels' Running Formula to name a few that I have been wanting to read and use to full advantage to really get my running where I want it to be
  5. RUN - I think that's a given, it's what I do, but I want to really increase and improve on it even more so than last year. I hope to race a 5K and get in under 22 minutes, at least for now that's my goal, I'd like to run another 10K (have only run one) and I think that can easily go under 48 minutes, half marathon I think I have it in me to run under 1:40 and of course the marathon, which I have to decide on yet, but if I do one next year, I'm going for broke on it. I want a BQ. If I'm going to run Boston, I want to run it in 2008. The olympic trials are the day before, imagine being able to watch the best of the best in distance runners run the same course I plan to run the next day, to get to their olympic about inspiring.
  6. WORK - I need to find a new job, well, two new jobs actually. I need something that allows some creative outlet, something that I really enjoy, I don't dread mine yet, but I don't love going to work and I get bored, I don't want that, I want something new and challenging and I want to eventually get more education and I want a company that will help me achieve that.
  7. PERSONAL - This is the tricky part. I don't know what I want in my personal life. Well, I do know I want/need more people in my life. I don't go out that often anymore, but when I do, I'd like more people to be able to call on, new people to do things with, etc...I still don't think I want to be involved in a relationship with someone else, but I'd like a lot more friendships.
And now it's time to prepare myself for this evening...still debating on the cute little black dress or the miniskirt and sassy silvery top....even with the crud that Denver sent us, I still plan to dress up and have a good time!!

Everyone have a safe and happy New Years Eve and a splendid 2007.


Don said...

If you live anywhere near Stillwater, you are hereby invited to run with the St Croix Valley Runners. Every Saturday morning, 7:00 am SHARP, Northland tennis courts on west Myrtle, five miles, your pace will fit in nicely. Plenty of parking.

Kurt said...

DG, all good goals for 2007. Don't forget to have fun also!

Here is to new PR's and an excellent 5K race this year.

JustRun said...

Happy New Year!
Good luck with all those goals- and have fun with them!

Firefly's Running said...

Dani, you have a mySpace page?! Who knew?

I hope you had fun last night. It's nice to be away from that damn snow you guys got last night....until Wednesday. :D

Running Rabbit said...

Your goals are so damn similar to mine, yet I did not post them. I wish you lived in Cincinnati dammit!!!

Danielle said...

Thanks all. I did end up having a fun NYE, I'll post about it soon...the details are foggy.

Don - I wish I did live closer, unfortunately I'm in Edina, but maybe I'll get myself up and join you one day!!

Kurt - oh, I'm sure I'll have plenty of fun too.

Justrun - I figured they are all good goals, hopefully I can stick to them.

MNFirefly - Yeah, that snow sucked, but it was still a fun night.

RR - I wish I lived closer to you too, we'd definitely have fun!!

Dori said...

I'd invite you to run with me and my friends but you're faster than us and would be bored, although you're welcome to join us for breakfast. Since you live in Edina, MDRA has a marathon training group you might be interested in, and they run out of Edina. I love my running group, but it took a few months before I felt that way about them. The LifeTime Fitness in St Louis Park has a marathon training class starting on Saturday. They break their groups up by speed, so you train with others that are your level. They would let you run with them once before you paid, to see if you like it. The LTF in Highland Park also has fast runners (that's you.) It's a great group of people and they have some nice running trails. They run on Monday and Wednesday at 6, then Saturday a.m. Jeff is the Running Club coordinator there.