Saturday, December 16, 2006

Early Weekend Edition

So, another busy weekend, and it's still going on. I managed to get my 12 miler in, it never got quite as warm on Friday as I had hoped, I ran a 9:30 pace, which is much slower than I had hoped to run, but it's what I had the energy for after eating my typical breakfast of eggbeaters and toast at 9 and having an orange at 11:15, and I didn't run till 12:10 or so, finished close to 2, ran my errand to Whole Foods (and thought of MNFirefly when I went past Jamba Juice where I know she often goes after her runs around the lakes). This was a run around the entire chain of lakes. I haven't just run the lakes in so long it was kind of refreshing. I've usually had to run a couple of laps around one or another, and haven't just done the loop (10.5 miles) in a really long time.

I had a nice long bath and hot chocolate after the run, the met up with friends for drinks and appetizers and then out for a few more was a nice night, kind of low key and laid back. Saw a few friends, some were missing that I expected to see, but that's OK too...I was still quite tired this morning though when I woke up, and didn't get up till 10, which is strange cause I don't usually sleep that late even on nights that I'm up later and drink more...I felt the need for a nap later too, but opted out of that. I went to finish Christmas shopping, but decided it was not what I wanted to do, dealing with the crowds, so instead I went and strength trained, then I came home and finished up some cleaning I had started in my room and did some shampooing of my carpets with a shampooer I had borrowed from a friend (talk about an exciting afternoon) and then I had to work all evening...I was actually able to stay in a good mood most of the evening though. I even found out one of our new temp hires for the holidays is a podiatrist during the talk about the kind of person you want to know when you are a runner!!


JustRun said...

I'm always impressed when you get out there in the cold like that. Maybe I need better tights and gloves because I just freeze my arse off anymore! :)

Firefly's Running said...

That's SO awesome that you thought of me near Jamba Juice. After my run yesterday along with River Road, I really needed it, but headed straight home for the ice bath. The weather was AWESOME yesterday for a run.