Thursday, December 21, 2006

Darn MN Weather!!

Ah, crap weather. And it’s WHY we set the alarm clock early and get up early to get a run in…unless we want to be stuck on the treadmill, which now I can’t anyway. This could be an interesting night. I didn’t work on Monday or Tuesday night, had to work last night, tonight off and work tomorrow night (yuck!!) at B&N. On Tuesday a friend and I made arrangements for her to stop by after he son’s doctors appointment so she could pick up something I picked up for her and I could maybe buy some makeup from her (she sold Mary Kay and is now getting out of it and is selling stuff 50% off, and I could use some new lipstick, figured can’t hurt to look), later on Tuesday I had J1 e-mail me about running this week, well, I had already run on Tuesday worked last night and tonight had plans (although was planning to run too, just didn’t know what time so couldn’t make plans around it and am really not caring much if we get together anytime soon anyway, I’ll go out with him one more time and see, but most likely that’s done before it started), so we are going to get in contact next week. Yesterday J2 e-mailed me to see what I worked this week as he was doing some last minute things and was going to come harass me (his words). He was in the store, but I only briefly talked to him as we were busy, surprise, surprise and he had not seen me so thought had had missed me anyway. So today comes, I wanted to get up and run before any weather might happen, but decided I’d still just run after work, not knowing what was going to happen with my friend as she was thinking I could stop on my way home on Saturday (although not sure when I’m going either Friday night after work or Saturday) she cancelled the doctor appointment because she was worried about the weather (with good reason apparently) and now we have plans for her to stop after work, although the weather went from raining steadily all morning, to, while I was out running errands for an hour, sleet and getting somewhat icy conditions. So we’ll see. Also in this time, J2 has e-mailed me to see if I wanted to meet for a drink later, after both of us went for our run (which said run could be cancelled due to the weather, I could run in the rain, but it would suck, I could run in the snow, that wouldn’t be that bad as long as it was not too terribly cold, but to run in this sleet/icy crap, probably not safe, roads are going to be treacherous and I don’t have any Yak Trax yet)…hmmm…interesting…maybe…I said sure, where and when was he thinking? If he wasn’t sure on a place, I think I’m going to suggest a bar with raspberry beer that’s kind of between us (although a little closer to me) that’s if we both want to brave this weather…Vikings/Packers are on tonight…yes, I know, many out there who are fans of the Vikings have thrown in the towel, and I’ll admit to disappointment myself, but I’m not a fair weather fan, they might not be great this season, but I’ll still watch and root for them!

It does look like it's snowing now...if that's the case, a run won't be so bad...although it's still going to be kind of icy. Guess I get to try my new wool based warmer socks that I just bought!!


Dori said...

Yup, it's snowing now (2:45). I was driving home from the western burbs and it changed from rain to sleet. Stopped in downtown to pick up some gift cards and in the 15 minutes I was out of my car, it started snowing. The roads are icy, though; I had a guy skid through a stop sign and lucky for him I was able to stop. I did a few fishtails on some turns, though. If you go running, don't assume the cars can stop for you.

Firefly's Running said...

Don't run. Stay in and dry. No way with road conditions.