Friday, December 15, 2006

Thursday Run and Friday Plans

Last night I went straight home cause I wanted to run while there was still a little light, it was still mostly dark by the time I got to the heaviest traffic areas, but oh well. I really do need to get some more reflective things for running in the dark. Anyway, I left my gym bag at work to take home today cause I really didn’t use it yesterday, my day got a bit messed up as I had planned to run during daylight at lunch, but my boss was going to meet with me just after 1 (was after 2 by the time we met anyway so I could’ve run when I wanted to!) and by then I had time for strength training but not a 6 mile run…so I opted to strength train for 30 minutes (after doing 20 minutes of strength yoga in the morning) and run after work. When I got home, I realized both my watch and my Garmin were in the duffel bag I left at work…thankfully I run these routes enough that I can get a good guess of where 6 miles would be…I approximated it at 9 minute paces, but think some of them felt a bit faster and I might have been slightly over the 6 miles, but that’s OK. It was a nice run. I was slightly overdressed only because I wanted a hood for my head (since my hat was at work) and wore a top that had one but is a bit heavier…It felt good though.

After the run I made my trip to Trader Joe’s, one of the errands I need to run and have been putting off. I have decided too, it’s worth the extra drive to get there vs. my other grocery stores for their fruits and veggies. A few things are higher priced but most are about the same and if they are slightly higher, it’s usually because it’s organic…and the stuff is soooo much better. I love looking at all the stuff they have too. Today I’m leaving work at 11 and going to run an errand at a spice store for my mom, then make a run around the lakes (unless it’s cold by the lakes, then I might just run some neighborhoods) for a 12-15 miler and then a quick stop by Whole Foods as they have some chips I just love and am out of (not bad in calories, transfat free, low salt and they make the best nachos and aren't horribly overpriced like some of the stuff there!!). I’ll do a bit around the house then have to meet a friend for dinner at 6:30…we are going to Pepito's this great little Mexican place in a neighborhood in South Minneapolis. I haven’t been there in ages but they have fantastic chips and salsa, great chicken quesadillas (which might be what I just have as my main course) and my friend enjoys their margaritas. Afterward plan is to go to my local hang out for a while…funny thing is I could drink a few if I wanted as my run tomorrow will be short, but I have no interest in doing that, but I was thinking about shampooing my carpets tomorrow, so guess I can get up and get that done…should do some prep work for that tonight (ie moving furniture around).

I’m figuring out my hamstring (I think that’s where I’ve finally determined the problem is in my left leg) is still tight, and feels tight again today, which seems to be normal these days. I’ve been using my foam roller for the last 3 days I think I’ve managed to do it, and using the stick on it, as much as I remember at least, and things are still tight. I need to get that loosened up as it’s causing issues along my shin too…I wish a massage was in the budget right now. I think that would help the most. No idea how this got tight either as it’s never been a problem area of mine. At least it’s not painful and doesn’t seem to be better or worse when running a lot.


Firefly's Running said...

I hope everything goes well today during your run.

Dori said...

I like Trader Joe's, too. Hope your hamstring heals soon. I just saw that you ran the Disneyland 1/2. I wanted to run it, but by the time I signed up, it was already full.