Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

What a great weekend….I already talked about my fun on Sunday, but while Sunday night I had trouble sleeping, I went to work for just 4 hours, came home and napped for 2 then went for a run even though it was hot outside. Not a great run, but OK, and all I was doing was loosening up for the week. I went home, showered, talked to mom and dad and then got ready to go see Soul Asylum play at Taste of Minnesota. Great show, can’t wait for their new album. Then instead of waiting for fireworks which weren’t till 10:20, we chose to head over to Uptown and Liquor Lyle’s for happy hour and hanging out with friends there. Even got to see some friends there that I haven’t seen in forever. Shawn was having good conversation with a guy there and I was just having fun hanging out…it was a bit of a late night though, which has been the case all weekend!!

Tuesday got up to great 4th weather…it was sunny but not humid and light breeze. I was going for a tempo run and got out at 8:30, a simple 6 miles with a 9:15 warm up mile then I decided to run a fast 5K, just cause I wasn’t paying to run one, didn’t mean I couldn’t…so I ran that in a 24:32, finally broke the 25 minutes which I had been wanting to do, but the really cool thing is this is not a flat course, and I’m still somewhat in recovery so it felt good to do the speed but wasn’t too hard or hurting myself…I cooled off finishing off 6 miles and then showered and ran errands while throwing a roast on the grill to bring on the boat. Got home and was ready to leave when Shawn got there. We met up with the others and were on the boat at 3 pm…(all the boats tied up at big Island) there were the 4 of us from Sunday along with Cordell’s “friend” Lynn and then friends of Jeremy’s, a married couple their daughter and an adopted into the family friend from South Africa. That was the big fun, getting to know someone from another country, I now have an invite to go visit someone in South Africa…He is hoping to stay here a bit longer but has to find a job, of course I suggested him marrying someone to stay here and it progressed from there with he and I planning our wedding in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator (I told him it would help me too cause I could get out of the country like I’ve been trying to do for a couple of years!!)…He is cute though, and has a very nice accent and he was singing Bon Jovi to me on the boat (he sings in a band back home) all ways to win my heart!! (picture of me, my "finacee" and Shawn) OK, all kidding aside though, I am supposed to take him out for Cold Stone as he hasn’t been there yet and he wants to come check out any bands with us if we go while he’s still here. Nothing like making new friends. I always figure you can’t have enough of them, and from another country that you can go visit, even better right!! Another gorgeous sunset...unfortunately none of the fireworks pictures I tried to take turned out. We watched them from the lake where they shoot them off a barge, but we were also able to see fireworks shows from all nearby cities...very cool way to spend the 4th!!

No run this morning as the cold is still tiring me out, and I did plan to just cross train, that will consist of walking around B&N tonight. Interval workout tomorrow, light one, and then working tomorrow night and Friday and Saturday off, yay!! I’m not doing anything on Friday night and going to go to bed early so I can get up for my 12 or 14 miler I have planned and feel rested.


mg said...

Sounds like a fun 4th! South Africa would be really amazing to visit.

Running Rabbit said...

Great job on breaking the 25 min. mark! Kudos to you!

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run!

BTW, I run around Lake Calhoun. It's my favorite running place next to Lk. Harriet -plus it's easy to figure in my mileage.

Kurt said...

More great pics. Love those. But did you find as good as a place to bury your roomie in as I did at the south end of the beach?

Danielle said...

Well, there are places in the lake that are over 100 feet deep, figuring I just need to find one of them and weigh him down!! :)

Calhoun is very nice to run around.

I so agree, actually this guy really likes to travel, maybe I've found a partner in crime to travel with!!

Now to see if I can get even lower than 25!!