Monday, July 03, 2006

What a Gorgeous Day

What a great weekend. I spent Saturday doing the not so great run, but that happens, then went out on Saturady night for dinner and drinks with a friend, met up with some other friends and then was tooling around the city, both into downtown and Uptown, in a black, Mustang GT much fun!! And then the invite to Sunday...

Sunday was a gorgeous day out, sunny, suppoed to hit 90, no idea if it did or not, but the humidity was low enough that it didn't matter, definitely not the temps for a run, but Sunday is normally my rest day anyway and with me still in recovery and 9.5 miles in on Saturday, I went ahead and rested. Which was good, because I’d been out late the night before, had a couple to drink but wasn’t too bad, had pizza late at night, bad as my weight is climbing, but I’m back on track this week I’m promising myself, and I did sleep in…did a little cleaning (although my room is still awful!!) and then had a friend show up at my place about 12:15…we headed over to another friends around 1 to head out to Lake Minnetonka to meet up with yet another friend to spend the day on a boat…See back to the kind of day it was!! We all kept commenting on how beautiful it was, the sun was there, but there was a light breeze, just enough to keep it from being unbearable and we were on a 30 foot boat that had a bathroom and everything. Spent from 2 pm till about 9:30 pm on it, with a dinner break from 5-6 where we had to sit inside cause it was too busy outside…We had a drink at one of the outdoor bars, and just cruised around the lake, hung out at big Island for a while, anchored and hanging out where everyong goes to party in the summer...then headed in about 9:30...It was a perfect day out. Shawn and I were the "hood ornaments", Jeremy was captain drunk (OK, not really, he was responsible but I couldn't resist the picture of him at the wheel with the drink. Cordell acted as captain for a bit and we watched a gorgeous sunset. The plan is to do this again tomorrow!!

Last night I could not sleep though, I have a cold coming on in full force and it sucks. I’m never sick in the summer, this is so unfair!


Kurt said...

Almost as good as the day at the beach here!

Your cold is coming on from lack of resting. Take it easy and enjoy more summer days.

Then in a week or so get back to your training (and take me on a boat next time!)

Firefly's Running said...

The weather was nice on Sunday, but still not as beautiful as today. PERFECT day to run! The pics from Lake Minnetonka are BEAUTIFUL!

Danielle said...

Now I have to disagree about the's not that I haven't let myself rest, it might be I've rested too much!! I did 13 miles the week after the marathon and 24.5 last week...slow build up. And that's no more than I've ever done before. Immune system is just sometimes down after a big run, no matter what!!

It was a great day to be on the lake...I so thoroughly enjoyed it...and it was just a nice last night, although a bit chilly heading home!! I'll post pictures and info on that later.

mg said...

Our friend with a boat moved away, and your pictures make me miss him/the boat! Your abs look really good (reminder to me to stop slacking on the crunches!)