Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday, July 18 Intervals

I managed to get up, (almost hit the snooze and was going to workout this afternoon instead, still might and have my first double of this session) and be out the door by 5:30, so I ran my mile warm up and then did 8 x .5 with .25 recovery, shooting for a 3:35 pace for the intervals (my planned marathon goal pace and Yasso 800 goal pace), I was getting quite frustrated by some of them though:

1 – 3:37 (or thereabouts, I realized my intervals were set for 1 mile repeat so I had to adjust and reset)
2 – 3:41 (thought it felt faster)
3 – 3:41 (frustration)
4 – 3:43 (WTF, this one had felt much faster)
5 – 3:44 (OK, this one really frustrated me)
6 – 3:24 (better, but a little fast)
7 – 3:20 (oops)
8 – 3:30 (much better, but this was also semi going uphill at the end so probably would’ve been faster)

Not a bad run, but wish those first ones would've been faster. The weather wasn't bad either, kind of cool in fact and lighter on the humidity. All recoveries were in the 3:00 or so range a few a bit shorter (I was running short on time) the run was planned for 8 miles, but due to not being able to get my butt out of bed sooner I cut it short and did only 7.5, I’m thinking this afternoon though I’m going to go for an easy 4 and maybe work in a strength session at lunch since I was too lazy to get up yesterday. I did get a little more sleep last night, was in bed and most likely sleeping by 11, when I had hit my snooze for the last time and was about to rule out the morning workout, I suddenly felt awake so I got up. I have now had a morning 16 oz of coffee and normally I have half of that left for the afternoon…so not sure how I’ll stay awake this afternoon!! I’m not a big coffee fan, but have learned to like a few, but none that they sell here at work (the Starbucks I bought yesterday was terrible even with splenda and syrup in it, have never been a fan of Starbucks and I remember why now, but it’s all they have downstairs for sale at work!!). I don’t like diet soda, and I don’t want to have a regular soda…trying once again to get it OUT of my diet, particularly after a really bad weekend. It’s a cause of some of those excess calories and the excess pounds that have once again attached themselves to me!! Sigh…

Suppose, should try to get some work done…


Kurt said...

I love my diet coke.

Overall good work on the splits. Just work on getting them more consistent time. Try not to vary more than 3 seconds.

Your going for sub 3:30 at MCM. Keep at it!

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run, girlie! It was a so-so day for a run, but could have been a littl bit cooler.

Danielle said...

See, I don't mind the heat though, so I was fine with the temps and at 5:30 am it was a bit cool actually!!

Ah, consistency...the thorn in my side that seems no matter what I can't get to!!

Running Rabbit said...

"Not a bad run." I'd say pretty awesome girlie...give yourself some credit!

mg said...

I know that they weren't at the pace you wanted, but nice consistency for the middle ones. That last one with the uphill is probably really good training for MCM. As much as I hate intervals that end up on hills, I figure they'll maybe help me out more than flat ones.