Monday, July 24, 2006

Adventure’s in Healthy Food in the Metro

Ah, my new car...OK, so in 2-3 years I'll have my student loans paid off and I'm getting this or the Pontiac Solstice...I'll have more than earned it!! Had to have the picture though to see how I'd look in it. I'm planning on purchasing in dark green or light blue...most likely green, I look good in green!!
What a busy weekend, yet again, although on Saturday I kind of got some very much needed “me” time. This was a very, very good thing. I went out for a drink with a friend on Friday night, but neither of us were up for a late night and I was home in bed sleeping by 1 am (hey, I know that’s kind of late, but early for a weekend the way my schedule has been lately). Anyway, I woke up the next morning too early (first at 6:30, then finally got up at 8:30) but felt refreshed, 8 hours of sleep, just what I needed!! Now if only I could get more of that. I kind of laid around for a bit, but decided I wanted to strength train so headed to the fitness center and did 30 minutes of strength and then 15 on the elliptical before I decided I should get going if I wanted to get errands done…it was already after 11. I changed into my new bikini so I could go to Lake Calhoun then swung by the cash machine for money before going to the Farmer’s Market…wandered the farmer’s market and ran into a friend that just started working for a farmer that sells stuff there, talked to him a bit then on for my errands…I bought flowers to plant and some cut flowers for vases in my house (maybe I’ll take and post some pictures later), a watermelon, then I ran that stuff to the car and went back and purchased sweet corn (finally got some good stuff), peaches and cherries…then it was off to Calhoun.

Laid around there for an hour or so just reading and relaxing, then I was off to Whole Foods for some of their yummy chips I’ve decided I love, and some more fruit bars to have on my runs since I’m officially sick of gels. Also found some Kashi waffles I decided I wanted to try, but also needed to get to the grocery store for some syrup since I am out and I didn’t want to spend the price of organic!! (cheapest I saw there and not in a light version was $6!! Ouch)…Also had sampled a piece of their angel food cake when I walked in and it was so not good, I later baked my own…mine is soooo yummy…I have a secret ingredient!! Then it was on to Trader Joe’s…I’m so glad we finally have one here. I’ve been hearing about it for ages and was so excited to finally have some. I bought some of the cookies I really liked that I bought last time, bad I know, but so far I haven’t opened them!! Some fruit leather and Kashi Crunch bars were purchased as well and then I headed home, where I did some laundry and hung my sheets on my balcony to dry so I could have fresh scented sheets!! And I vegged out on my balcony reading some more and relaxed a bit more, had turned off my cell and left myself “unreachable” for the afternoon so I could really just do whatever. I ended up taking a nap and finally figured I better get ready to head out for the evening, a friend was stopping to get me between 7:30 and 8…He got there at 7:45, we got my other friend picked up by 8:15 and were on the road to Fairbault, our destination to meet another friend and check out a band. We were to her place by 9:15 and off to the bar…quite an interesting experience let me tell you. We weren’t even there 5 minutes (I hadn’t even gotten a drink yet) when a guy came up and asked me how old I was…I went with my standard “never ask a lady her age” answer (and what is this, that was the first thing out of his mouth, he was guessing me at 21/22, but then he was in his early 50s…) so whatever, we watched the band and later a guy comes over and tells me he knows I’m with my boyfriend (actually isn’t the case…not sure what the boy with us is, he’s a friend, maybe a tiny bit more than a friend, but I am just not ready/sure about a relationship at this time, yes now that I’m able to run again, you can all forget my last post about loneliness, I’m back to feeling good and happy single!!) anyway, none of that mattered as he leaned in, grabbed my ass and told me I was gorgeous…How do you react to that?? Then he left, apparently he had leaned over to my friend and told him something to that effect about me as well, and told him maybe that he was going to grab my ass, I don’t know…it was just weird. Anyway, another late night though as a friend had to work the next day so we drove back yet that night and crashed. But I woke up at 10 and decided I needed to run (after going to bed around 4:30) and I headed out the door for the best run I’ve had in over a week…I had one mile that came up at 7:36, but the next was 9:50, somehow I think Garmin was off, but averaged 8:30 pace for 5 miles and it was getting hot then…and this was after having 2 Stoli Cranberries, a pitcher plus a bottle of beer and a shot…and I wasn’t hung over!! Just tired…hmm…is this what I need to have a good run?? Anyway, spent the next couple of hours cleaning up my car, making a mess of my house (not intentionally but my kitchen is a disaster, guess what I’m doing tonight) and then had to work at B&N, at least I was only there till 9…I came home, watched Gray’s Anatomy, ate and crashed…I was so tired, but didn’t sleep well cause it had really warmed up by the time I got home and was stifling in the house, but I didn’t want to turn on the A/C, bad move, so tonight the A/C is back on…sigh…last week was great, I don’t mind the 90s for temps either, but this humidity needs to go!!

And the thick air is back...just got back from lunch and man, you could almost drink the air!!


Firefly's Running said...

OMG! You were on the west side of the lake as I was coming to my incredible finish.

I LOVE Trader Joe's and their fruit leather. YUMMY!

As of the guy grabbing your ass, BIG no-no! I would have not tolated it one bit and smacked him one. (And just blame it on good reflexes! **grin**)

mg said...

I'm so jealous that not only do you have Whole Foods, but Trader Joe's, too! I've never been to TJ, but have heard it's awesome. Which Kashi waffles did you get? I like the blueberry ones best, but the plain are pretty good with peanut butter. Then again, I don't think I've had a Kashi product I didn't like.

Pretty car ... the Solstice is pretty nice looking, too! Although they both look more like CA cars than MN cars :)

Ass-grabbing aside (who does that?), glad you had such a nice weekend!

Kurt said...

You should have kicked the guy in the nuts. Perhaps next time he will treat you with a bit more respect.