Thursday, July 06, 2006

Power Outages

Well, last night I was working at Barnes & Noble (really thinking about ending things there though, one of the managers is really getting on my nerves and some of their new corporate policies coming through are just too much, time to find something new, maybe that requires no weekends!!), I was on for 5-10 (love that shift, it’s short and I’m home at a reasonable hour) and about 5:10 the power went out. Seriously the whole store went dark. The computers were still up and one register was still working, but everything else was dead. We had to close up the store and then they expected us to do some shelving (yeah right, store was DARK) while we waited. The whole Galleria mall was out of power, and rumor had it that at 8 they would close the store if we had no power…unfortunately our end of the mall came back up at 7:05…we got things back on-line and then had to open and I had to work till 10…ah well. Still not a bad shift, tonight I’m on 6:30-11:30.

Today I was working away this morning and we had a power flicker at Carlson…and our tower went out, lost all power. This was only for about 10 minutes though. Weird that it happened two days in a row at two different jobs in two different parts of the city though. Last summer there was actually a time I came in and we had no power and they sent us home here till noon when it came back on. Funny thing is there are no storms happening right now to knock the power out at either place.

I’m still recovering from the weekend. I’m happy to report my cold is on it’s way out (thank God for Cold-Eze and Halls Vitamin C Defense with Ecenacia and zinc I swear by them for a cold to shorten the duration) but I was tired this morning and hit snooze instead of getting up for my run. I don’t work till 6:30 so I have time to go home and run 4-5 miles if I’m not lazy and crawl into bed for a nap before work, then tomorrow I’m going to do my interval workout I had planned for today and do my long run on Saturday, yes it might be a bit harder workout doing those two back to back, but the long run is only 12, not so bad to recover from, no way I would if it was longer.

I really need to get back into a better sleep routine and get myself up though. I didn’t strength train at all this week…and have only run 10 miles, but I’d say so far they were quality miles.


mg said...

When I worked at Bass Pro Shops the registers on one side of the store lost power. I had so much fun that afternoon, and somewhere I still have the paper sign the security guard made to tell people to go away. Can't believe they'd try to make you shelve in the dark!

Glad your feeling better!

Firefly's Running said...

A proper sleep schedule will really help keep up your energy. A crazy work schedule does not help at all, but sometimes you have to work around it.

Good luck on your training this week.

Kathy said...

We've had school in the dark in the middle of winter. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking!

Good luck in your training. Mine has been a bit shakey lately. I hope to get it back on track soon.