Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday, July 25 Intervals

Tuesday’s Intervals

Well, didn’t start so well, at 5:10 I just didn’t want to get out of bed and pushed it to a point where I got out the door at 5:35, so not enough time and I really did end up rushing the workout a bit more than I should’ve, but what can you do? It was in the mid-60s when I started, heard it was 70 or so when I was leaving to work an hour and forty-five minutes later, but it was so humid you could almost drink the water. Now I never, ever complain about heat, I like it warm, but it does suck a little bit having to run in humidity (why I’d move to AZ but not FL!!), and I was drenched very quickly as usual. Started with my typical 1 mile warm up, stretched a tiny bit, (so my overall time actually isn’t the pace it seems, I keep forgetting that I stop and stretch a bit) and took off on the intervals…Again with the .5 mile with .25 recovery. I had originally been thinking about doing 10 this week instead of 8, but time constraints kept me from that, and I’m glad I didn’t force the plan on it as I just didn’t have the energy for it.

1 – 3:45 (and an expletive out of my mouth as I was so annoyed it seemed I was running faster and my goal was 3:30, 3:35 at the slowest)
2 – 3:28
3 – 3:27
4 – 3:42 (again annoyed)
5 – 3:38 (this is where I was getting really tired and was contemplating stopping at 6)
6 – 3:21 (this is what annoyance will get you!!)
7 – 3:31
8 – 3:51 (thankfully this was the last, I don’t think I could’ve forced 2 more, particularly with feeling upset about it)

Again recoveries were in the 3:00-3:15 range except one that went a little over (watch out for potential TMI) as I needed a bathroom stop…unfortunately for me the bathrooms around there were locked, thankfully for me there is a very wooded area around where I do the runs…and no one else was there…I could not have held it!!

Anyway, another interval workout done, but again not feeling so great. I’m actually almost dreading speed workouts this time and I hate that. I have planned 8 mile tempo run on Thursday, 6 miles at marathon pace – 15-30, we’ll see if I can do that or not. I’m going to attempt getting up early enough to run it in the AM since we are in 90s and humid all week. I guess I’m getting to bed early on Friday so I can be up early on Saturday (no morning run before work this weekend as I’m doing 20 and I just don’t see doing that before work, no way I’m getting up at 3:30!!

I’m also annoyed at my scale, yes I know, don’t weigh yourself, don’t think about it, etc…but I really want to get down in weight and I know I’m eating bad (case in point, I’m going to a movie tonight, that means popcorn, but I’m planning for that by not eating much between now and then and eating healthy choices!!). I know I did really bad in my eating over the weekend so expected this, but I need to drop about 7 pounds now…sigh…

2 1/2 more hours of work and then an easy 4 miler before maybe a nap and then the movie...


Firefly's Running said...

Don't get frustrated about your weight. You did awesome today on your run. The weather was SO humid today.

Kurt said...

throw the scale away. You look good and you need to focus on your running. The weight will take care of itself, just eat right, cut sugar and keep up your running. You will do just fine and look great at the MCM!

Danielle said...

I can't throw it away...I love the new scale I have, although I hate the fact that it's weighing me higher so much...I was settled at least a bit...as far as MCM, I don't know how that is going to go...I really am dreading some of these workouts, it's not at all like my training for M2M...