Sunday, July 30, 2006

Long Run, Heat and Humidity

Well, ended up doing only 15 of the 20 I had planned. I didn’t get up and running by 7:00 like I had wanted to. My run started at 8:30, and the sun, heat and humidity were definitely there, I drank as much as I could, but I know it wasn’t nearly enough, weight before and after the run showed a loss of 4 pounds, and I did drink some in that time, so definitely under hydrating, but I didn’t want more either…something about the heat and it affecting how you feel about drinking, eating, etc…anyway, partway in I knew that 20 would be a long shot, but I still attempted, just stayed close to home so I’d be able to cut it if I needed to. My first two miles were on 9:05 pace, just where I wanted to be, but everything slowed down from there. Even though I found one area to run that was actually not as terrible for heat, kind of breezy through it and tree shaded, but overall it was a crap run yet again…I got home and was dripping, it was like I had taken a shower, talk about gross. My running things went right into the washing machine. I still never complain about hot, but that has to be the most miserable conditions I have ever run in. But still beats running in the cold.

Had a weird night out last night and feeling the affects of it today, not so much in hangover, but in the typical after drinking kind of weird feelings I have…need to find a way around that, either no more drinking or find a way to not feel like this the day after. Which I don’t know how to do…anyway, I got up and ran 5 miles with no watch this morning, just to get out and run and relax, well, it was definitely hot, but oh well.

I really did enjoy having the whole weekend off though. It was nice being able to sleep and such too. Next weekend I work Saturday night and Sunday, I need to run on Saturday because I cut the run short today planning to run a half on Saturday and doing 4 before and 3 after so I can get 20 in then, then I will have a shorter run the weekend after when I’m at my parents. Thing that sucks about that though, I work on Saturday night till 11, and then again on Sunday, which just really irritates me. I’m sorry, but I work this place PART-TIME, I should NOT have to work full weekends, EVER…and I don’t care that I had this weekend off and the next full weekend off after that. But it doesn’t matter, I still should NOT have to work a full weekend (and to me, weekend is Friday, Saturday and Sunday, weekdays are Monday-Thursday, I work one day during the week and one on the weekend in my mind)…ughh…not looking forward to this week, except for Tuesday into Wednesday when I have two friends coming to stay with me that I haven’t seen in forever…they are moving to Idaho and coming through town on the way there. I haven’t seen her in over a year and him in 2 years I think…such a blah day…and for some odd reason I’m feeling kind of lonely…

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Firefly's Running said...

Isn't this heat AWFUL?! ICKKKYY! I am glad that you stuck through it to run most of your mileage. It's supposed to get better by Tuesday....I hope. I just want someone to a BIG raindance on MN so this draught will end now.