Friday, July 28, 2006


Just what my body was demanding. I went to bed at 8:30 last night, yes, you read that right, but I really knew I needed it. In fact I crawled into bed before that, was probably asleep at 8:30, and while I woke up once around 11:30 to use the bathroom, and again around 3:30 and almost felt awake (apparently brain thought we were going to go running again) enough to get up, but I went back to sleep till my alarm at 5:45, and didn’t get up till just after 6 (two snoozes!!). It felt great. Nine hours plus of sleep…I so needed it. I got up then and got myself to the fitness center to do some strength training with plans to do one of my yoga DVDs this evening as well. (I say plan cause I never seem able to use the workouts at home)

I thank everyone for the kind thoughts and words regarding my running lately. I know it happens to us all, it’s just hard to accept right now since I had such a long string of great training and runs there, I didn’t expect to hit this again. But what I decided is sleep is definitely important which is why I slept in this morning and DID NOT get up for the run that I normally would’ve, and while I strength trained, my plan is no run today…I'm letting my body have the recovery it seems to be demanding. Last night I was feeling the urge though and got my GPS set, started to put it on, and then decided to turn it off and leave it behind. I ran 3.5 miles, no idea how fast, and I don’t really care…it was warm, I was slow, but that’s fine. I even ran a route that I kind of like but usually don’t run because it’s just not long enough for what I usually do…that was nice too. Now I just hope everything gets itself back in shape for the 20 miler I have planned for tomorrow…And as a treat to get myself motivated, I’m going to Cold Stone with a friend after for a reward.

Tonight I'm just going to watch a movie and go to bed early, because the plan is to get up by 5:30/6 tomorrow and wake up, eat, (something I haven’t been doing on the Friday runs) and hopefully have a really good 20 miler. This one I think I’ll run one of my normal routes, but of the 7…umm, that doesn’t seem right, I think I might have to adjust that, 20+ milers I have scheduled, I’m going to run some of them in conditions to simulate MCM (meaning a hill early, some flats and rolls and then hill late). Hopefully all goes well tomorrow!!


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Hey!! Thanks for the great comment on my blog. Good luck with the MCM--it was my first (and second) marathon. I love that race.

Firefly's Running said...

Way to go and get some sleep. Rest is VERY good! The weather is NOT getting better this weekend. I hope that some of the rain that they are talking about comes while you are running. The heat is SO insane....UGHHH! They are talking about cooler temps by Weds - YES!!!

I have a huge craving for Cold Stone too. It will have to wait until Sunday though.

Kurt said...

I am glad you are resting. Something I think you need more of.

Enjoy your Cold Stone. I didnt realize they allowed such delicious treats in your state!

Great running, just stick with it, your going to do great at MCM.

Andy said...

I'm sure you needed that extra sleep. How did the 20 miler go?